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Apart from my job am I also involved in the comunity. I have been appointed as official representative for Danes Worldwide in Valencia.Danes Worldwide - Su Majestad la Reina Margarita II, Protectora de ”Danes Worldwide”Repræsentation for Valencia & CastellónPresidente de la Asociación “Danes Worldwide” Valencia & CastellónPostboks/Apdo 12168 46020 Valencia, SpainMobil: +34 6304.2.6304E-mail: [email protected]:


Professional with 11 years experience in two areas of local and international. On one side, design, planning and project managing plus projects recruitment, management, organization, sales and marketing. On the other side, management, organization, internationalization, research, designing and management of business projects. Summing up; Project Manager with development and management tasks.

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Cataloging my Profile:To facilitate the documentation of my profile, I can underline the following fundamental characters:- Extensive experience in national and international companies, allowing me to view many tasks with a realistic, comprehensive and current view and mindset. - Languages capacity to negotiate and work in 6 languages, English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.- Four professional specialties: Development and Project Development; Management and Project Management; analysis and innovation; business management and marketing.- Constructing Architect/ Arquitecto Técnico, member of the College of Technical Architects of Valencia (CAATvalencia). Double professional title, the Danish and the Spanish. Career and experience:Centered in the field of architecture, construction and real estate in Denmark, Germany and Spain, in sectors as diverse as development, design, planning, management, coordination, production control, procurement, technical sales, sales and marketing, where I have developed an intense activity seeking interrelations and synergies between them.As it can be verified, I have extensive business and commercial experience, so if you are looking for someone with technical knowledge and commercial skills, as well as being creative, innovative, competent, organized and independent, and cooperative skills, plus also has capacity to hold negotiations in 6 languages, so please take time to read my Curriculum Vitae and the rest of my profile.


Project Management, Designing & planning of building projects plus authority, client, contractor contact and relation.Product & Project Development of business plans (also non-build)Technical consulting for Building and Real Estate companies in Spain.Individual villa design and planning, project development, project design, company organisation, company re-structuring, marketing and marketing material design, international Real Estate marked and Real Estate exhibition plus Client relations

Work experience

Sep 2010Jan 2012

Project Manager / Product Manager

Concepto Danes

My funciones:

- Planning: Coordination and control of projects development and optimization of the company products and its functions from outline till handing over. Profiling the business and organization. Innovation projects and presentation formats.

- Community Manager: Development, creation, designing and management of SMM, Social Media Marketing. Design and contents generation, with profiles, illustrations and pictures. Creating new online format from the conceptual level to put into creating function.

- Technical: Coordination and Project Management. Material selection and product scrutiny plus study of industrial and subcontractors before and during recruitment. Negotiating with developers, contractors and collaborators during every phase of the work.

- Management and Business: Development and implementation of strategic plan for new projects, products and innovation in projects. Commercial, product presentation and client consulting.

Mar 2010Dec 2011

General Manager / Co-Owner

Uniq Event

Uniq Event was a 100% Danish travel agency in Valencia, Spain. Was formed by Henning Jensen and Casper Villadsen.

We offered personalised VIP group travels to Valencia, and specialised in Valencia C.F. and Real Madrid. Organizing football training camps for professional teams, company and study travels spiced with wine tasting and local gastronomic.

In Valencia we also offered golf, Formula 1, MotoGP, wine tasting and visiting selective local wine bodegas all with taste of the lovely local food and gastronomic.

Apr 2009Sep 2010

Constructing Architect

Uniq Vision

Consulting, development, investigation and effectiveness within the building sector.

Project develepment and investment for and on the national and international marked.

Design and development of floating units and houseboats.

- Project: Development of a innovating floating business center, prototypes and project based on own initiative and concept.

- Planning: Studying and analyzing the financial, technical and legal aspects for the project development project.

- Development: Project design, coordination and project controlling. Design and implementation of business organizational models for the business activity, the Business Center it self.

- Management: Development of a innovating strategic plan within the real estate sector and highly specialized build on water. Overall viability plan for collaborators and investors, designing of a business plan and development presentation for investors and other funding sources and collaborators.

- Technical: Development of the architectural projects and operational development plans, preparation of technical reports, market research and viability project. Own technical project development and design.

- Business: Development of marketing plans for this specialized business center activity and project, both nationally and internationally.Uniq Vision were fusioned with ConceptoDanes based on synergy.

Mar 2008Jun 2009

COO - Technical Director

Construcciones Olocau

COO - Technical Director at a local building and contracting company.A company with a bit more then 50 employees and in total just over 100 people working incl subcontractores.My taskes is organisation, planning, restructuring, contracting, certificacions, project studies, tender, optimizing of the companies plus short and long term strategic planning and daily operations. I also have to do an implantation of new systems and quality control from the bottom.My responsabilities is also incluiding marketing and expansion.The company is both developer, build and contractor. Main division in the group is the contractor.

- Planning: Coordination and control of building sites and contracting. Development and optimization of the companies and their functions from project studying till handing over. Profiling the business and organization. Project and building site documentation control plus subcontractors documentation control.- Management: Building site coordination and management. Contracting and contracting of suppliers and subcontractors. Certification, billing and detection of contradictory. Analyzing, realization and implementation of new ways of working more efficient and economic. Resolving of incidents of legal issues.- Technical: Coordination and work controls. Material selection and product evaluation works plus scrutiny of the industrials and subcontractors before and during recruitment. Negotiating with developers and contractors during every phase of the work. Onsite Build site manager for 4 months before hiring a build site manager.

Jan 2007Mar 2008


UNIO SPAIN - Property development, SL.

UNIO is a pan-European company with head office in Copenhagen, Denmark. UNIO-SPAIN is our office in the south of Europe and this is here I work out from.At UNIO we design and build high end system build floating units that can be used for residential as luxury house or non-residential purposes for business and trade as fx. cafe, bar, restaurant, lounge, shop, exhibition, gallery, hotel etc.The possibilities are many and it is almost only the imagination that limits this new area and location.

- Planning: Preparation of study and analyzing of the financial, technical and legal aspects plus project development project in Spain and European level.- Development: Design and modification of the prototype in build process, coordination and control of the works in Europe. Design and application of models of organization for the activities, management and supervision of the staff. Worldwide expansion and internationalization.- Management: Develop strategic plan and viability including internationalization for the general company board of members. Design of business plan development and presentations to selective clients, search for business opportunities, setting objectives and monitoring project deviations, as well as designing and implantation for corrective measures.

Jun 2006Dec 2006

Project Director

Valenciana de Servicios

Got hired in to get a project of over 100 livings up an running. The project had just been started but the company wished to get a person in that had know how of developing a high standing and luxury development for both Spanish and Northen Europeans.I also had to startup Marketing & Sales and with my wide and large network of Real Estate Agents all over Europe I pre-selected various for covering the marked and to run an individual planning and Marketing with each one for more direct contact and sales with each agent and their client.

- Technical: Developing, planning and project designing of a large real estate project in Alfas del Pi (Alicante), coordination and control of project team, negotiating with collaborators and suppliers of products and services, control of production costs, preparation of technical reports.

- Development: Internationalization of the entire company, foreign market research, opening of new markets, establishment of cooperation and sales agreements based on my own international sales network.

- Business: Development of the national and international marketing plan. Developing and coordinating of national and international campaigns launch, representation in international fairs, preparation of international business plan, establishment of business objectives and parameters of product, costs/prices, coordination and control of national and international sales team.

Mar 2004Apr 2006

Technical Consulting & Sales

Grupo Real

Technical consulting for Building and Real Estate companies in Spain. Individual villa design and planning, project development, project design, company organisation, company re-structuring, marketing and marketing material design, international Real Estate marked and Real Estate exhibition plus Client relations.Real Estate sales to Spanish and Northen European clients, responsible for the whole Scandinavian Market and support for the UK.

- Technical: Development & designing of technical and architectural projects, developments and high-end tailor made villas (working & consulting in several languages); technical advice for the internal and external sales teams, troubleshooting and technical changes, elaboration of quality specifications. Specialized developer consulting and elaboration of project budgeting.

- Business: Designing, organization and management of the commercial real estate area. Designing and preparation of marketing plans, coordinating the national and international campaigns launch, representation in international real estate fairs. Establishment of business objectives and product quality parameters, market research, establishment of cooperation agreements with international sales networks and real estate firms, opening new Nordic market.

Aug 2001Sep 2003

BTH Bygningskonstruktør

Sahl Arkitekterne

Designing Constructing Architect on larger public building project. Designing and planning project from early beginning though tender and partly follow-up on the building site.Mainly public school new build and some rebuilding and re-structure of schools. Also senior homes new build and rebuilding.

- Technical: Designing, development, planning of projects, coordination and control of technical project team, negotiating with public administration, developer and builder. Project scrutiny and quality control, project quality specifications, control of subcontractors, responsible of project of projects.



Bachelor of Architectural Technology and Construction Management

BTH Horsens Polytechnic

What is a Danish Constructing Architect?

The following description as a general for the profession.

A Constructing Architect is a very important link between the client, architect, engineer, supplier, craftsman and responsible authorities.

As a Constructing Architect you work within both superior planning in the designing phase and be the one that will be in charge of the whole designing project and/or the final building management on the building site.

One of the finest assignments of a Constructing Architect is to be able to speak with all the members involved within the building sector and make them able to work together. This is done by the multifarious knowledge, meaning that a Constructing Architect have to know about work and possibilities/assignments of all the collaborate partners on a project.

The Constructing Architect is centered in the project and process. By this knowledge and position in the project the Constructing Architect is perfect and ready to be the one that carry out the drawing project material and the descriptions.

From the sketches of the architect the plan drawings can be made and include the necessary information from the building regulation plus the engineer and building material supplier. From here on the section, facade and details can be made and later the final description to complied, and the project can be send out in tender all normally made by the Constructing Architect in close collaboration with all the members involved.

The designing Constructing Architect works close side by side with the architect though out the whole designing phase. The designing Constructing Architect often takes over the project after the overall sketching and design have been made by the architect. The architect is still very close in the project and works with there strong parts as form, light, color etc. The Constructing Architect is normally the one with the big overlook and control of the project after he steps in the designing phase.

One of the main instruments for the designing Constructing Architect is AutoCAD and it is here the strong side comes to light by the combination of knowledge of material combination/use, law/building regulations, conditions for people with disabilities, fire issue, planning, knowledge of construction on site etc.

The main assignment is to design and draw the whole project in co-operation with the architects vision and ideas, the client financial circumstances, the responsible authorities, the building supplier and the managers and craftsman on the building site.

There are two way in the Constructing Architects education. One is the designing Constructing Architect and the other is the Civil Engineer Constructing Architect.

Briefly told the designing Constructing Architect works for the architect in a architect office, and the civil engineer Constructing Architect works for the contractor in an office and/or on the building site.

The designing Constructing Architect can also be called the projecting Constructing Architect withes maybe will the more correct description will the work is projecting the material for the municipal authorities, contractor and craftsmen.

Offend the designing Construction Architect makes the inspection of the building site and leave the building management to the civil engineer Constructing Architect.When that is said then it is very important to state that there is no role that one education is better then the other at work in the office or the building site. A lot changes between the two in there profession life to become better and learn both sides.

The Constructing Architect education gives a multifarious job options mostly inside the building sector.

I am educated and are working as a designing Constructing Architect.


Upper Secondary School

Higher Technological Exam
Aug 1983Jun 1993

Primary and lower secondary school

Maarslet skole


Doing my professional work and studies language have been a great and important part.   Knowledge of languages: I have learned most of my languages though the daily life and because I have had to use it every day in ether my education, work or daily life.     Danish: Since Danish is my birth language are there no problems any of its aspects.  - Perfect in speak, presentation, reading and writing.  - Perfect in technical building presentation.     Spanish: I am leaning Spanish though everyday life and intensive studies. To day I live a Spanish life and speak Spanish all the day, privately and professional.  I have completed Spanish languages school by intensive course (classes and studies every day) and finished up to and including advanced level. The school is a private certificate school in Valencia by the name Costa de Valencia. If you want to know more about the school then see there website at - Fluent in speak, presentation, - Reasonable fluent in reading and writing. - Reasonable fluent in technical building presentation.    English: I leaned English though the 5 years in primary school plus 3 years in gymnasium education - HTX (ES: instituto de bachillerato).  My education as construction architect was made in English on the international line where the teaching was made in English and all material hade to be made in English as well. The exams were also made in English, as well as we were only allowed to speak English in the classroom.  A great deal of the students was international exchange students from all over the world and thereby creating a international working environment that further advance the English level. Further more some of the exchange students became close friends of mine and thereby progressed the English language by using it in my daily life outside the school as well.      - Fluent in speak, presentation, reading and writing. - Fluent in technical building presentation.    German: I leaned German though the 4 years in primary school plus 3 years in gymnasium education - HTX (ES: instituto de bachillerato). I choose after finishing the HTX education in September ´96 to look for work on a building site in Germany, and I found work as concrete- and bricklayer's assistant at Hans Ulrik Griemel Bauunternehmung in Munich, Germany.  I was there for 1 year and here my language advanced a lot and I got a good knowledge of the technical vocabulary as well as I learned to understand the local dialect Bavarian (dialect of Bavaria - Munich) which I enjoyed a lot. - Reasonable fluent in speak, reading and ordinary in writing. - Fair fluent in technical building site presentation.   Norwegian: I have no studied Norwegian, but the two languages origin from the same language in the past and there is therefore a lot of comparison in the languages, and normally we understand one another. You can more or less say that Danish and Norwegian is like Spanish and Italian. - Medium in conversation and reading. Swedish: I have no studied Swedish, but again as with the Norwegian and Danish language then it is based on the same, but the Swedish language have changes more and therefore more different then the Norwegian. Still it is possible so understand one another. If you have to compare the two languages the Danish and Swedish is more or less like Spanish and Portuguese.  - Basic in conversation and reading.