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Caskie Collet brings nearly two decades of experience in finance and executive leadership to his position as Chief Operating Officer of The Reliant Group. Mr. Collet also contributes his expertise to a number of nonprofit organizations, including the Ross School Foundation, Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation, Equality Community Housing, Glide Community Housing, and Glide Economic Development Corporation. As Chief Operating Officer of The Reliant Group, Caskie Collet manages the firm’s real estate investment portfolio, which includes more than 8,500 multi-family units throughout the United States. Caskie Collet also handles all refinancing, financing, and disposition activities on behalf of the firm. Early in his career, Caskie Collet served Midland Loan Services, L.P., as a Senior Asset Manager, gaining valuable experience in bankruptcy and real estate law as well as the work out of complicated real estate assets. After four years with Midland Loan Services, he relocated to the east coast, where he attended the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business. Mr. Collet graduated from Wharton with a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Finance in 1999. Upon completion of his MBA, Caskie Collet accepted a position in San Francisco as an Investment Banking Associate with Nationsbanc/Montgomery Securities. He then transitioned to an executive role with Canada-based visual media production company The Chalk Network. As the network’s Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Collet led the company’s operations in the United States, establishing its U.S. headquarters. In 2003, he returned to the real estate field as an Independent Consultant and then subsequently worked at Sherwood Partners, specializing in bankruptcy workouts. He joined The Reliant Group in 2005 and has served first as the chief financial officer and currently as the chief operating officer.

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