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About Self

Legal Name: Maria Fatima Genica Z. Casimina

Legal Nickname: Medj (reference National Bureau of Investigation)

Current Residence: Rm. 2 B1 L1 Hardin ng Bougainvillea, Aguinaldo St., U.P. Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, PH

Hometown: Daet, Camarines Norte, Bicol Region (V)

Birth Place: Chinese General Hospital, Blumentritt, Manila

Birth date: August 27, 1993

Religion: Roman Catholic

Motto/Beliefs: "Every work is a portrait of our self, therefore we have to signature it with our best self"

Ambition in life: To be a successful HR Manager in the year 2022 & be a successful HR Director in the year of 2027


(Work related)

End-to-end HR procedure, Employee Relation, CompBen, Psychological tests, Database Management, Organizational activities, Public Relations, Research, Volunteerism, Pre-employment orientation, Pre-employment exams

(Personal related)

Novels (about Crime, Mystery, Psych-thriller & Erotic), 90's songs (particularly The CORRS), Board Games, The Sims games (esp. all expansion pack of 3 & 4), American T.V. Series (particularly Pretty Little Liars & Stitchers)

Description to self:

" I am an only child of the family, therefore I depend more on myself, a kind of employee who is thirst on knowledge and strategies that resulting for her being a work oriented kind of person".


Company: Accent Micro Technologies, Incorporated (AMTI) Department: Human Resources Department

Duration: November 2013 - January 2014

Duties & Responsibilities:

                                                       -Preparing & Administering Exams, Results &Application Forms

                                                       -Updating master list, updating monthly & annual assessment competencies

                                                     -Updating & Organizing 201 File

                                                       -Making I.D. for the new hired employees

                                                       -Photo copying, Scanning, Printing & Filing Documents

                                                       -Depositing Checks to the bank, distribution of checks

                                                       -Assists HR officers in events

                                             (Thanks Giving Mass, Christmas Party, Children’s Christmas Party)

                                                       -Updating & Organizing 201 File

                                                      -Making I.D. for the new hired employees

                                                       -Photo copying, Scanning, Printing & Filing Documents

                                                       -Depositing Checks to the bank, distribution of checks

                                                      -Assists HR officers in events

                                      (Thanks Giving Mass, Christmas Party, Children’s Christmas Party)

Work experience

May 2014Dec 2014

HR Acquisition Specialist


Duties  & Responsibilities:


      - Prepare occupational classifications, job descriptions & salary scale

      -Sourcing Applicants

      -Process Application of Candidates

        (conducts pre-screening, interviews, endorsing to the client)

      -Follow-up/ monitor status of endorsed candidates

       -Draft, Prepare & Distribute materials needed for On-boarding

       -Conduct Pre-employment Orientation / Onboarding

       -Monitor and Handle 201 File


Compensation & Benefits:

       -Initial contact person for inquiries

       -Coordinated directly to payroll dept.

        -Prepare & Release documents needed

    (Accountability Form, Personnel Action Form, BIR Forms, Clearance Forms & Quit claims)

      -Monitor & Update Employee’s data base (for Civil Status, Salary Increase, etc.)

      -Re-checking the liquidation of the entire recruitment’s fund

       -Prepare & Distribute checks (for salary & payments)

       - Prepare Disbursements per liquidation & checks made

       - Conducts Tax Computations


Employee Relation:  

        -Explains company’s rules, regulations & procedures and the need for strict compliances

         -Supports resolution of employee relations issues & conducts necessary investigations 

         - Attend deployed and clients concerns

          - Conducts pre-exit orientation



           -Report the updated DPE data base weekly (hard & soft copy)

           -Update Company Profile (on P.E.S.O., Online Data Base & others)

           -Process accreditation of the company to government agencies

                                            (e.g. P.E.S.O., D.O.L.E. )

            -Organize client meeting (account based)

             -Attending client meeting (account based)

             -Render Monthly Reports (account based)

            -Authorized for holding important documents of the Company

                                             (e.g. S.E.C. Reg, C.O.R. (BIR), C.O.R. (D.O.L.E.), Mayor’s Permit)

             -Schedule the entire Recruitment Activities

             -Drafts templates/ important documents needed

             -Directly Reports to the Owner, Recruitment Head & Managing Director





Jun 2010Apr 2014

Bachelor if Science in Psychology

Far Eastern University, Manila

Four years course

Major in General Psychology, but much inclined to Clinical & Industrial Psychology


Skills: HR Administration, Employee Relation, Organizational Skills, Analytical Skill, Drafting Documents, Data Base Management, Test Administration, Scheduling

Computer Soft ware: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Picture Manager, Adobe Photoshop (CS3)

Office Machines: scanner, computer, telephone/fax phone, photocopier, I. D. Lamination

Language: English, Tagalog, Bikol         Communication: Written, Oral



Ms. Aubrey Sulit  (02) 470-30-51

Recruitment Head, Avocet Manpower Resource Network, Corp.

 Ms. Denden Gonzales (02) 470-30-51

HR Account Manager, Avocet Manpower Resource Network, Corp.

Ms. Carla Andrea Mabugay  09179659299, (02) 718-73-88 or (02) 988-97-88

HR Supervisor, Accent Micro Technologies, Inc. (AMTI)