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Industrial Engineer with experience in Financial and Strategic Planning, Budget Development and Management ,Cash Flow Management and Modeling , purchases, imports and internal control.


To generate profitability in the business lines, increasing Ebitda through perfecting the processes of the organization.

Work experience

May 2008Dec 2008

Administrative and Financial Manager

Calzado Spring Step

Elaborate and control the budgets of Expenses, Free cash flow and investments.

Maximize financial resources of the company; coordinate the transitory investments, looking for the best profitability assuring security conditions for the company.

Assure the accounting of the company get ready in opportune and correct form to analyze the financial results in every period.

Drift and coordinate Administrative committees, planning actions to improve and increase sales.

Authorize and negotiate the purchases of the company.

Revise and approve all the commercial contracts.

Accompaniment the import processes, nationalization and merchandise transport, until being located in the POS.

Program the international payments through negotiation with suppliers.



Implementation the project of purchases through an only supplier for all the company.

Costs Optimization through negotiation with the security values for the custody and consignment of the sales.

Program new schedules and responsible for delivery the Finance information to accounting area.

Optimize free cash flow through decrease 4 x 1000 by means of investment in collective portfolios.

Apr 2007May 2008

Administrative and Financial manager

Distribuciones Veterinarias Ltda


Elaborate and control the budgets of Expenses, Free cash flow and investments to assure the resources for the company.

Execution of the goals of expenses of the business lines (Food, Biological, Clean and Accessories), as well as the execution of the established administration indicators.

Financial evaluation of the import and distribution of new Veterinary products that allow determining their economic viability.

Program the routes of transport to optimize delivery times.

Assure the Money recovery to fulfill the economic purposes of the company.


Design and implementation the model for the variable remuneration for the salespersons.

Reduction the times of delivery with the design of the logistical process.

Evaluation the financial and economic viability to implement the line of biological products on the Valle and Antioquia Zones

Apr 2007May 2008

Financial Adviser

Compendium SA


Accompany on the elaboration of the financial states of the company and carry out audits.

Recommendations to maintain a good financial yield in each business lines.

Carry out pursuit to the process of imports to fulfill the laws and to evaluate their viability and profitability.


Design of the structure of Capital

Decrease costs and expenses of the imports by implementation of new methodologies and routes of transport.


May 1998Apr 2007

Credit Professional

Banco Davivienda SA


Analyze and carry out the economic, administrative and financial evaluation of natural and juridical people, as well as the sector in which are developed, to emit a concept about the decision of authorize or to reject a credit

Guarantee and control the execution of the financial politicians of the Company for the business of the corporate segment, keeping in mind the regulations settled down by the control entities.

Carry out proposals of special clients credit viability before the committee of risk and of credit, to minimize the risk of wallet losses and to assure the financial commitment.

Participate in the area budget, by means of the upgrade of parameters, consolidation of information and the presentation of reports to the committee.


Improvement of the credit score for natural clients and small companies

Implementation of new systematized methodologies of evaluation that decrease costs and answer time.