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Carson Concrete is one of the leading providers of concrete construction services for major commercial construction projects from Philadelphia to Florida. Bringing over three decades of applied experience, a dedication for evolving its technology to meet modern needs, and a strong history of successful projects, Carson Concrete has built a solid reputation in the construction industry. Having adapted over its 35 years in existence, Carson Concrete remains dedicated to using the best equipment in the industry, as its recent purchase of a 70-ton crane for formwork construction and concrete delivery demonstrates. Carson Concrete sets itself apart from other concrete contractors by taking on several roles during the project and not just concrete construction. Carson Concrete’s repertoire of services includes the ability to install reinforced steel, post tension cables, constructing formwork, and placing and finishing concrete. By handling a number of steps in a given project, Carson is able to reduce the need for subcontractors and help clients save considerable time and money. In addition to meeting clients’ practical needs, Carson Concrete’s dedication to expedient service also provides a considerable advantage. For example, the company provided a three-day turnaround for each 20,000 square foot floor of the 35-story Buttonwood Apartment building in Philadelphia. The portfolio of Carson Concrete Corporation’s past and current work includes the Philadelphia Phillies’ new ballpark, the Marriot Center City Hotel, numerous high-rise residential buildings, a justice center in Bucks County, and other high profile projects for hospitals, parking garages, casinos, and office buildings. Founder Anthony Samango Jr. has been in the construction industry for over 40 years. Establishing his presence in the industry at an early age, Samango began his career as a day laborer and carpenter before creating a company focused on setting reinforced steel. That venture lasted for 15 years before Samango decided to found Carson Concrete, and over three decades later, the business has continued to adapt with the times to pour millions of yards of concrete over the course of its existence. Anthony Samango III has stepped into the business as the company’s Vice President. He continues to uphold the Carson Concrete’s reputation for offering safe, reliable services including everything from the pouring of concrete to setting posting tension cables.