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Carrie Bailey

Faculty Development Specialist

Learning Solutions

Highly flexible eLearning and Faculty Development  Specialist immersed in adult learning theory, current educational strategies and best practices, with over 10+ years of experience teaching multiple concurrent introductory-level classes in different modalities (face-to-face, hybrid, and online), demonstrating documented, exceptional teaching practices.

Extensive practice implementing instructional strategies appropriate for diverse learners.

Applies creativity in meeting learner needs with strong focus on retention and engagement.

Considerable experience in developing multimedia content, including writing, philosophy, critical thinking, literature courses and team training presentations. 

Professional experience

October 2017Present

Faculty Development Specialist

Oregon Health and Science University

Design, develop, and support of online learning by collaborating with instructors to develop course work for blended or fully online learning environments. Evaluate course design effectiveness and modify designs and delivery methods to achieve learning goals and objectives.

  • Provides administrative and technical support for technology supporting student learning. 
  • Design, develop, and deliver workshops that introduce instructors to effective pedagogical practices that support teaching in blended or fully online learning environments 
  • Provide consultations and assist in the development of learning goals, instructional strategies, and content for web enhanced, bended and fully online courses. 
  • Guide and assist instructors in online course design or redesign 
  • Research and disseminate best practices in online teaching and learning 
  • Facilitate the maintenance of online user accounts and support end users in continuing education programs
  • Maintain appropriate records and data to produce regular performance and external reports.
  • Quality Matters Coordinator for OHSU
  • Preceptorship & Narrative Medicine Faculty Field Note Reader
  • Member of OHSU School of Medicine Educators' Collaborative
August 2017Present

Course Developer for Professional Editing/ENG 271

Linfield College

Instructional design for Online and Continuing Education course, ENGL 271, Professional Editing, a foundational course on practices and capabilities needed to write, edit, and revise proficiently. English 271 contains a grant writing and social media component.

July 2006Present

Advanced Certified Facilitator

Apollo Education Group

Instructional design and facilitation of 5 and 7-week courses, providing weekly feedback summaries to students with pre-college and college-level skills through active involvement in the learning process, cooperation and collaboration in the online classroom, and by providing context for learning through relevance and application.

  • Facilitated a range of online courses across the humanities curriculum.
Oct. 2013Feb. 2017

Full-time Faculty, English

Apollo Education Group

Instructional design and facilitation of online introductory-level college courses in the College of Humanities and Sciences, providing weekly feedback and a high level of engagement with students through the LMS, phone contact, and learning activities. Maintain professional development through scholarship, education, training, service, and outreach.

  • Became the first faculty member to earn the university-wide EXPY Award for most inspiring influence.
  • Developed innovative, data-driven, color-coding system and gamification strategies for learning activities to improve student engagement. These developments were presented as team training.
  • Served as a local site evaluator for Bachelor of Science in Human Services field experience courses in the community.
  • Part of a working focus group developing an in-house Faculty Mentorship Program for over 7000 faculty members and a Peer Mentor program for students.
Jan. 2008June 2011

Faculty Mentor

Apollo Education Group

Collaborated with faculty candidates during the mentorship process, clarifying policies and procedures to ensure understanding of the requirements. Assisted new faculty candidates with creating a syllabus, required and supplemental curriculum materials. Observed, mentored, and evaluated faculty candidates facilitating online for the first time. Provided weekly, mid-status, and final evaluations, recommending the candidates’ faculty status to the mentorship team.

Jan. 2008Oct. 2013

Student Workshop Facilitator

Apollo Education Group

Regularly facilitated 3-day online workshops, designed to improve basic skills in areas important for success at University of Phoenix, including Student Success, New Student Orientation, and Critical Thinking.

Sept. 2006Dec. 2013

Affiliate Faculty, English

Clark College

Instructionally designed, developed, and taught English courses in conjunction with departmental needs with a focus on composition and a departmental common assignment. Fostered the growth of student learning through reading and writing assignments in the face-to-face and hybrid format at the main campus and off-site at the Clark Center at WSU, Vancouver.

  • Developed a pilot program for Quality Matters certification for online English courses, as part of the Clark College English Department eLearning Committee.  
  • As member the Clark College Student Learning Communities Committee, developed a linked learning community course, Writing Fundamentals with Motivation and Study Skills.
  •  Courses taught: Writing Fundamentals. Introduction to Fiction. Introduction to Literature. World Literature. English Composition. British Literature.


Puckett and Redford, PLLC

Seattle, WA. Paralegal

Landlord-Tenant Law Firm specializing in representation of commercial and residential landlords. 



Law Offices of Debra A. Pinasco

Redding, CA

Family Law Attorney

Aug. 2000July 2002

Instructor, First-Year Studies

University of Notre Dame

Instructional design and facilitation of introductory course in college composition and literature designed to help students learn how to identify an issue amid conflicting points of view and craft an argument based on various sources of information. The course stressed the identification and analysis of potential counter-arguments and aims to develop skills for writing a research proposal, for conducting original research, and for using print and electronic resources from the library.



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Technical Tools and Skills

Microsoft Office Suite: Excel. Word. PowerPoint. Outlook. Success Factors. In-house LMS. Blackboard,. Moodle. Canvas. Sakai. (HCM) Salesforce. Asana. GoTo Training. Cisco WebEx. Skype for Business. Google Docs. Prezi. Keynote. Pages. Adobe Captivate, Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe Connect, Articulate 360. Hot Docs, LexisNexis.

Core Competencies Include

Ability to Positively Influence Others. Creating a Learning Environment. Course Design. Varied Instruction Strategies. Assessments. Able to Identify Learner Needs. Coaching. Able to Collaborate. Educational Programming and Knowledge of Subject Matter. Inclusivity. Information and Education Delivery. Interpersonal Relations. Organizational Management. Analytical Thinking. Leadership. Professionalism. Managing Ambiguity. Managing Technological Change. Ensuring Appropriate Instructional Design in the Context of Online Learning. Employing Effective Online Instructional Strategies. Ensuring the Effective Management of Learning. Data Analysis.