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Brand Strategy
Marketing goes much deeper than planning and executing a campaign. I have acquired experience making a long term plan to shift a business image along with the trends of the market by product development and P&L analysis.
Computer Litteracy
I easily handle all Office Software Suite, plus a decent level of FreeHand, Illustrator and Photoshop
I am very accurate to list my strengths, values and interests. I make an effort to react very fast and positively upon feedback and I search for it in many cases.
I keep my eyes on the prize. I commit to my objectives and find a way to make things happen in a harmonious atmosphere.
Analytical Ability
I can assess a market situation by finding key insights that can lead into a margin enhancement business model.
Im able to deal with several subjects and tasks at the same time and drive my business results.
Excelling at my responsibilities to encourage and motivate the people who surrounds me.
Budget control
Controlled the expenditure per entry for my annual Marketing Plan to align to my business objectives

Projects and Experience


Constant improvement. Keep myself hungry for knowledge and experience. Challenge my learnings while keeping my skills sharp and ready to implement in the marketing field. My objective is to build a better positioned brand and a margin enhancement business model for the company I contribute to.


Digital Marketing, Social Media, Marketing, Trade Marketing, Sales

Work experience

Apr 2013Present

Digital Marketing Strategist

Women’s Healthy Environment's Network

Cancer Prevention should have more support around the world. WHEN is an organization focused in sharing all the little, but very important things we can all do to have a healthier, happier life. Also, this organization financially supports many private initiatives for cancer prevention and investigation by organizing several fundraising and networking events.I volunteer to them because I find their task truly inspiring. I add value to their Digital Marketing Strategy which includes their website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts. I plan and create content for each one.I have used my blog as well to share the word on what they do.

Oct 2013Present

Digital Marketing Strategist and Website Mistress

Hawthorn School

-Organized their Google Ads campaign with useful and targeted keywords.-Created a new website in a platform they can now use and edit at their own pace while reducing agency fees. Conceived, implemented and managed website projects, including site design, information architecture and hosting/domain management.-Improved their SEO in the new website by choosing targeted and useful keywords and including them on pages titles and aligning keywords with Pay per Click campaign.

Apr 2011Aug 2012

Food, Health & Beauty Marketing Coordinator

The Walt Disney Company

Achievements: Increased the Healthy Food business by 20%. Pursued more than 15 business opportunities. Prepared material for each possible licensees under the Disney’s healthy food standards.

· Continuously searched for new business opportunities within the healthy food for kids. · Managed the forecasting process, accurately reporting the royalties generated per quarter. · Acted as direct contact for potential and current licensees. · Supported the manager’s business proposal presentations to possible licensees · Actively participated in management strategies to generate more value for clients and increase revenues. · Developed Strategies and Marketing Plans for each licensee according to internal resources. 

Oct 2009Nov 2010

Brand Manager

iKé Asistencia México

Achievements: Launched the first marketing campaign for the company. Created the strategy behind every communication and organized all marketing activities. Implemented the innovation process for new concepts.

· Established, formalized and managed the company’s marketing department · Planned and coordinated the first quantitative research study for the company. · Managed all company’s products, including brand positioning analysis for new projects, aligning messages through our client’s

regular media according to our main communication campaign. · Coordinated with domestic sales area and suppliers, launching and communicating details of our assistance plans. · Created an innovation pipeline for the business. · Participated in marketing campaigns for clients and business associates. · Controlled and administrated departmental budget. · Negotiated new concepts directly with clients. · Built the internal communication system, planning and coordinating the information and infrastructure required for it. · Participated in planning and coordinating PR events for clients and business associates. · Coordinated the new release for the updated web site of the company. 

Feb 2007Sep 2009

Consumer Marketing Coordinator

Nestle Mexico

Achievements: Increased Coffee-Mate sales by 21% and Marginal Contribution by 9%. Increased pantry

penetration by 2% and branding by 5%. Re- launched Coffee-Mate flavors according to market insights and

demands and launched seasonal flavours for high peak season with new margin enhancement business model.

· Designed an annual marketing strategy according to the budget.

· Participated in the annual Media Plan for the brand and monitored suppliers, guaranteeing the correct application according to the best interests of the business.

·  Conducted marketing research analysis, market measuring studies and category analysis research to find new market opportunities.

·  Created a margin enhancement Product’s Innovation Pipeline.

·  Coordinated team work, developing a product that fulfilled market requirements.

·  Participated in and monitored the product’s development process up until the invoicing of the finished product through SAP system.

·  Coordinated all production tests of new releases and monitored their listings in retail stores and, eventually, in monthly sales.

·  Developed a trade marketing activities plan for the sales department that enabled them to achieve month and year targets in volume and margin objectives. 

Jun 2005Jan 2007

Key Account Trade Marketing Assistant

Nestle Mexico

Achievements: Trained the sales team in the use of the Trade Expense tool and delivered the Expense Report for yearly Trade activity, ensuring timeliness and accuracy.

· Activated projects for endorsements outside Mexico City, such as Baseball season for team owners in Tijuana.

· Monitored all the Key Account Trade Activity processes, as well as Promotional Codes requisition.· Controlled and analyzed Key Accounts expenditure in promotional activities according to Trade Activities.· Delivered and registered client’s invoices for internal process.

· Participated in Media Plan for Key Accounts activation projects. 


Jan 2013Jul 2013

Digital Marketing Management

University of Toronto

Digital marketing management is at the core of a revolution in marketing today, and represents the fastest growing new channels of targeted communication, interaction, engagement and delivery for an organization’s branding, communications and products and services. A thorough understanding of strategies, tactics, best practices and techniques for this critical online channel have become mandatory for anyone advancing or contemplating a career in Marketing Management—as well as for consultants and entrepreneurs.

The courses included in this certification are:

SCS 2844 Foundations of Digital Marketing ManagementSCS 2845 Search Engine MarketingSCS 2846 Social Media StrategySCS 2517 Social CRM, From Marketing and Business Intelligence to Social Media


Introduction to Retail Link (R)

8th and Walton


Marie Kopp

My first position in the Canadian market was for the Walt Disney Company. I had the pleasure to work with Marie for a bit over a year. She welcomed me into an international professional life and into the country.

Hannes Koller

It was a real pleasure working with Hannes to create the Phineas and Ferb Tuna SnacKit. I learned that our efforts brought results for his business and for Disney as well.

Manuel Coutiño Peralta

While I was a Sales Trainee at Nestle and I was still studying, I reported indirectly to Manuel Coutiño. He's leadership and business acumen was key for my professional development at Nestle.