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Work experience

Apr 2008Present

Part-time Web Designer

Electronic Vision, Inc.

I assist the lead designer with various web and multimedia projects. I lately have been creating interactive elements for online training programs such as quizzes, slideshows, maps, etc.

This job challenges me to learn new things and also allows me to put to use my classroom-learned knowledge. I am currently creating a random XML driven quiz in AS3, a language that I am simultaneously learning.

Mar 2006Present

Multimedia Specialist - Student Manager

Ohio Univeristy-Athens

I teach and assist patrons with various technology questions. I tutor patrons on specific software programs or projects. I am also the student manager so I perform standard manager tasks as well.

This job has allowed me to teach myself new software programs and then use them daily as I answer questions. I also feel more comfortable with the software because to be able to teach others, I really have to know these programs and which ones are best for certain projects and skill levels.

This job has also tested my patience and also teaching ability. I try to teach patrons how to do something, not do it for them, and also not make them feel stupid for asking questions.

Oct 2007Jun 2008

Web/Graphic Designer

St. Martin Online

I maintained over 50 travel reservation Web sites for this small company.  I also created web and print advertisements and formated them to the brand of St. Martin Online.

I learned how to incorporate the online booking software with my Web site designs. I also learned the importance of creating Web sites the right way from the beginning to save time later on.

2007Jun 2008

Interactive Manager

ProjectU, DEBUNKIFY, Northlich, Inc.

I was responsible for designing, creating and maintaining the content managed Web site. I designed various advertisements and created multimedia pieces utilizing photo, video and audio components. Our campaign held online competitions and more than doubled our web traffic goal. I maintained a consistant look for all pieces created for this on-campus campaign in an annual intercollegiate competition called ProjectU. Our campaign for DEBUNKIFY was Model BehaviOUr is So Hot Right Now and won Best Promotional Tactic for 2008.

This was my first experience working within the constraints and power of a CMS. This was also my first campagin experience, a recognizable one at that, and I was the only designer/computer person on a team of nine other public relations students. Our campaign was broken down into three stages: Research, Implementation and Evaluation. I learned how to brand an image/message, hold/sponsor events and set and meet campaign goals.

Jan 2005Jan 2008

Graphic Design Intern

Hattie Larlham

I designed and laid out quarterly magazines, newsletters and annual report for this medium-size not-for-profit company. I also designed printed promotional materials such as brochures, fliers, advertisements, invitations, etc.

I started this internship when I was in the middle of my senior year of high school. I would go to school in the morning and then spend the rest of the day "working in the real world". This internship really allowed me develop and hoan my design skills. It was my first experience designing for a client and also creating work that was getting printed in newspapers, magazines or being sent out to homes.

I returned to work for Hattie Larlham on my college breaks until January of 2008.


Aug 2005Present

B.S. of Communication

Aug 2003Jun 2005

Cuyahoga Valley Career Center


Feel very comfortable creating any Web site utilizing HTML or CSS either just editing or starting from scratch.
Other Design Skills
• Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, AfterEffects, Image Ready, Final Cut Pro, ProTools, Maya, Director, iLife, Microsoft Office suite   • HTML, CSS, Actionscript 2.0, XML (learning JavaScript, AS3, php)   • Web site development and design, logo design   • 2D animation and 3D modeling techniques   • Desktop publishing, electronic pre-press   • Digital Photography, 35 mm photography, developing film, scanning   • Interactive multimedia, non-linear editing, digital audio, image manipulation, file converging, electronic presentation   • Layout/design, illustration/perspective drawing, lettering, color theory, elements of design   • Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX platforms
Rapidly expanding my knowledge of 3D. Currently working on an animated music video and learning the more advanced tools in Maya. I am also creating an animated pump-up intro for OU's football team.
I can use and manipulate the timeline and create things using ActionScript 2.0. I am currently learning AS3. I have created everything from full web sites in Flash to video games to advertising banner.  
I feel very comfortable using this program and my portfolio has multiple examples of that.
I have used Photoshop for everything some simple web graphics to texturing three-dimensional models. I feel very comfortable using this program and my portfolio shows that.



I am a senior Ohio University student double majoring in Interactive Multimedia and Special Effects, Games and Animation. I am looking to soak up as much knowledge as I can about the multimedia arena from both professional experience and experiemental projects. 

Currently I am working on independent projects such as creating a 3D animated football intro for Ohio University and creating a Flash video game in AS3. I am also doing freelance work on the side to further develop my portfolio.


Design, animation, photography, technology, sports (soccer and basketball), outdoors