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Caroline Buchegger

  • 1937 Vista de la Montana El Cajon 92019 CA
  • Home: 619-277-1176      Cell: 619-277-2697

Work experience

No work history


Sep 2012Jun 2016

Valhalla High School 1725 Hillsdale Rd, El Cajon, CA 92019

GPA: 4.556

Rank: 13

ACT score: 32

12th grade: AP Government

                        AP Literature

                        AP Physics 

                        AP Calculus

                         On Your Own

11th grade: AP U.S. History 

                        AP English Language



                        Honors Pre Calculus 

                        Honors Spanish

10th grade: Honors Algebra II

                        AP World History


                        Honors Chemistry 

                        Honors Humanities/Literature


9th grade: Honors English


                      Honors Geometry

                      Physical Education 


                      Honors Geometry 


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My passion is working hard and therefore I do all my homework and study for all of my tests, another passion is taking care of kids, and I have a passion for playing tennis

Summary about myself

My name is Caroline Buchegger and I am a very hard-working person who loves helping others and trying my best. I try to do the best I can in high school, so I can go to UCSD and become a doctor. I have a high GPA, and I try my best to maintain it throughout the school year. I will apply to Cal Poly, UCSD, UCSF and SDSU. They are all good medical schools, and that is why I am applying to all of them. I hope to become a pediatrician because I love children, and I want help them get healthy. I especially love babies; I babysit my little cousins all the time. Children tend to love me; I treat them how they want to be treated and I respect them. I want my profession to involve children, because I know I would live a happy life that way.

Extra Curricular Activities 

I played JV tennis in high school for two years. I was involved in many clubs, such as the anti-bullying club and key club. I volunteered and taught a 6th grade church school class at St.Peters church. I volunteered every Saturday for two hours, for a whole year. I volunteer a lot at my Catholic church. 

Interests and Community Service

I volunteer a lot at my church, every Saturday for two hours. I teach a class full of hyper 6th graders, but they all respect me very much. I have traveled to 3 continents in my 17 years of living, including Europe, North America, and Australia. I have witnessed many different cultures and ways of living, and it's a blessing. I tutor my friends a lot, especially in math. I am interested in becoming a pediatrician. 

Quote that reflects my personal philosophy