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Work experience

Sep 2010Jun 2014

Library assistant

Australian International School of Singapore

I worked for both the Primary Library and the Senior Library of the Australian International School. 

The basic tasks were similar: circulation, shelving, cataloguing, book covering, maintenance of borrowers lists and dealing with overdues.

I would say that the Primary side required more interaction with the children and also more creativity in the way we displayed our collections. 

The Senior students are more independent in their reading than the younger ones but i tried to always be available to help them find the best resources for their needs.

Cataloguing on both sides involved books, periodicals, ebooks, audiobooks, dvds, class sets, equipment. 

The library subscribes to several organizations (science centre, teachers associations, etc.) and it was part of my job to keep track and manage these memberships along with the print editions of magazines subscriptions.

I saw my job as assisting in two ways: making the library welcoming for students, staff and parents but also taking care of all the routine tasks so the teacher-librarians could focus on their management and teaching responsibilities.

I genuinely enjoyed my job very much and really loved the quality of the school.

Jun 2002Dec 2002

Library assistant

Alliance Francaise of Trivandrum

The library of the Alliance Française of Trivandrum was at the time quite small and relied on paper card cataloguing.

However, i joined while they were in the process of expanding the library so the learning process felt very natural. The collection included both French and English books which had never been catalogued/labelled before and i learned a lot about the subtleties of the Dewey classification.

Jun 2000Jul 2001


Mill on the Brue activity centre

My job at Mill on the Brue was to help clean and keep the centre pleasant and safe for the children.

So besides mopping floors and cleaning small-sized wellington boots, this is were i got familiar with how to prevent anaphylaxis and other general safety measures when working with children.

Jan 1998Dec 1998

Au Pair nanny

Mrs. Briones

I lived with a family in Barcelona and i was taking care of Elizabeth who was then 6 years old: breakfast, walking to and from school, homework. She corrected my Spanish while i taught her some French and English words.

Jan 1996Dec 1996


Ecole Ste Therese (KG to Middle school)

Mostly consisted in leading study periods and guiding students wanting to borrow books.

The last period of the day was dedicated to supervising the kindergarten after-school session. 

Sep 1990Jul 1994

Teacher assistant

College Valliere (Middle school and Special Education)

This post involved supervising study periods, recess and meals, plus making sure everybody got on the correct bus at the end of the day.

Some administrative tasks were also required: collecting and collating the attendance lists for classes and canteen, issuing late arrival notes, etc.



Listed above are the major posts i have occupied.

In between, i had several short term contract jobs as housekeeper, factory operative, chambermaid and freelance translator/transcriber.


Jan 1989Jan 1991

Bachelor of Science

UFR Reims

Degree not completed.


I have been using English as my main language for more than 10 years, both at work and for everyday purposes. 
Mother tongue.
Conversational level. 
Tetatet subtitle editor software
Microsoft Office
Softlink Oliver library management system


Apr 2013Apr 2015

First aid and CPR

American Red Cross
Nov 2013Nov 2014

Student Protection

AIS Senior Counsellor
Feb 2013Feb 2014

Anaphylaxis and Epipen training



Books and movies (in that order…)

Crosswords (solving and compiling)

Interest in ancient history, particularly when related to the evolution of languages.


Amanda Dollin, Primary Teacher Librarian

Primary teacher, Australian International School, Singapore [email protected]

Linda Twitchett, Head f Libraries and Senior Teacher Librarian

Australian International School, Singapore [email protected]

Daphne Chan, PA to the Principal

Australian International School, Singapore [email protected]