In a sincere desire to make the world a better place little by little, Carol Jean Jean Hohmann has been helping others in whatever way she can while going about her job with utmost dedication and a commitment to innovation. As a talented marketing, sales and technical writer, Carol Jean Hohmann uses her skills and knowledge to increase profits and presence for individuals and corporations alike. With her enviable skills at organizing and communications, she has been able to contribute much to the success of projects and undertakings both in the office and in the community. A detail-oriented career professional, Ms. Hohmann makes sure that she is able to face whatever may come,  with unwavering attention to specific points of focus in order to attain results that would otherwise prove elusive to less-talented individuals. A great team player, Ms. Hohmann always finds time to encourage, assist, and give praise to those who work hard at reaching common goals. Possessing the noble qualities of an ideal leader, Carol Jean Jean Hohmann is also a capable event planner who knows just what is needed and is able to summon what is necessary to get things done. She is both an inspiring leader and a dedicated follower, ready to carry out plans and follow through with appropriate action and firm determination.

A voluntary Board Member of the organization Keep Allen Beautiful, Carol Jean Jean Hohmann also sits as the Vice Chairperson for the dynamic organization. Helping team members organize and carry out team projects aimed at keeping the city of Allen attractive, healthy and clean, Ms. Hohmann does not seek recognition for the great work she does simply because she genuinely loves Allen, with both unfailing fondness and immeasurable loyalty. Capably assisting in the numerous projects and laying out of plans for the organization, Carol Jean Hohmann takes part in city council sessions and supports the city hall in projects and activities as much and as often as she can.

 Ms. Hohmann loves what she does and demonstrates an uncommon passion for excellence that has served to motivate others in many ways. Because of her inspiring positive attitude in life and her boundless energy at work, Ms. Hohmann has been able to attain much at project management and new business development. Exceptional at event planning, Ms. Hohmann is able to invite sponsors for undertakings and organize company kick-offs, national sales meetings, and user groups, all on time and within budget. Aware of her priorities and how to go about pursuing them, Ms, Carol Jean J Hohmann is a valuable team player who can give much of herself to any endeavor or cause. In a nutshell, Ms. Carol Jean Hohmann is an exemplary team player and an amazing career professional that anyone can rely on no matter what.