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June 23-26, 2009: "Towards the “Entrepreneurial University.”  An Analysis of the Italian Universities in comparison to global entrepreneurial universities. CONFERENCES - ESU 2009 on

entrepreneurship.  Graduate School of Business and Nordland Research Institute, University of Sannio, Italy.

April 16, 2009: "Entrepreneurship in Developing Universities."  Nuclei of Policy and Management of Technology, State University of São Paulo, Brazil.

March 17, 2009: "Entrepreneurship in a Global Recession." Tap on new ways of funding in a constraint global economy.  Babson CollegeEntrepreneurship,Madrid, Spain.

January 28- February 1, 2009: "The Power of Numbers in Social Media." University International of The Americas, San Jose, Costa Rica.October 26-30, 2008: "The Green Entrepreneur." Association of Green Entrepreneurs, San Jose, Costa Rica.September 23, 2008- International Symposium Breakfast/University of Tampa Board of Counselors. Speaker, Carmen Bracamonte, Latin American Trends.October 2, 2008- University of Tampa Board of Counselors. Speaker Carmen Bracamonte, "Discovering your Personal Brand- Part I."November 20, 2008- University of Tampa Board of Counselors. Speaker, Carmen Bracamonte, "Discovering your Personal Brand-Part II."


Positions and Employment:

2009                     Creator of Project Tu Salud TV®

2004- Present     Consulting Marketing DIrector (Healthcare Industry)

2002-2004           Software Program Manager, Cadbury Schweppes, Plano, Texas                                         

1999-2001          Research Program Director, State Farm Insurance, Bloomington, Illinois.

1997-1999      Research Program Director, Crown International, Alpharetta, Georgia, and Latin America.

Other Experience:

2007-2009         Adjunct Professor, DeVry University, Tampa, FL.

2007-08            Visiting Professor, University of Tampa, Tampa, Fl. 

2002-09               Visiting Professor University of Lima, Lima, Peru. University of Bogota,Bogota, Colombia,

Babson College Entrepreneurship, Madrid, Spain. 

Professional Activities:

2009:13: Division of Research Integrity and Compliance at University of South Florida, Non-Affiliated Member of The Institutional Review Bureau (IRB), Tampa, FL.

2009-11: Health Council of West Central Florida, Inc., Suncoast Health Council, Board Member representing Hillsborough County.

2009:  White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans/Partnership for Hispanic Family Learning.

2009:HBIF Tampa/Orlando- Technical Assistance Committee, Tampa, FL.

2009:Active Community Advocate for The EDICT Project, Tampa, FL.

2009: Chair, Advisory Board, Carmen Bracamonte & Co., Tampa, FL.

2008-09:Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Research CenterBaylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX.

2008-09:Community Perspective Advisor, Department of Medicine, Cultural Competence, Health

Promotions and Health Literacy, Chronic Disease Prevention & Control Research Center Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas.

2008: Business Development Committee Member, “The Board of Fellows,” University of Tampa, Tampa, FL.

2008:Mentor, Hispanic Small Business Owners, Tampa, FL.

2008:College Career Advisor, University of Tampa, Tampa, FL.

2007-08: Guest Writer, Business Strategies, Tampa Bay Business Journal, Maddux Business Magazine and Tampa Bay Business Journal:,  ,

2002-2009: Chair, Board of Directors, LargerNet, USA and Latin America. 


I love challenges!  As a creative director, I enjoy visual thinking.  The challenge that comes with having to create a new idea, script, advertising campaign, collateral materials and more . . . with compelling copy, killer imaging and snappy catchy phrases---the kind of stuff that make people grin and go . . .WOW! — that really get my juices flowing.  

A graduate from Florida Metropolitan University, I focused on International Marketing and Multi-cultural Communications out of my passion for travel.  Affiliated to Latin American Universities as a guest instructor since 2002, I decided to launch my own freelancing business and made a variety of appearances in NBC Today Show, ABC Good Morning America, CNN Out and Open and BayNews9 En Español, speaking about the Hispanic marketing evolution in the United States.  Soon after, I was invited to be a guest columnist with The Tampa Bay Business Journal, Business News and Maddux Business Report.

Acknowledged as an expert on digital storytelling, locative media and place-based narrative, I spoken at numerous conferences and seminars including MacWorld.  Over the last decade, I trained over 1,500 new media storytellers around South America in both languages, Spanish and English.   As a freelancer, I create original pieces and accept commissions.

While working with prominent doctors and hospitals, I created Tu Salud TV™-- a TV show, designed to inform Latinos about most common Nation's healthcare issues from a cross-cultural approach. 


2009   Syndicated research study conducted in conjunction with Freedom Scientific Research Center.

In a global retail economy where customers can research, compare and shop for the best deals on products and services anytime and from anyplace, should a retailer ignore a market of more than 50 million people in the U.S. alone, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, with aggregate annual income of more than $1 trillion and $220 billion in discretionary spending power? Often considered a niche market, there actually are 750 million to 1 billion people with disabilities worldwide, according to the United Nations Population Reference Bureau, making them the single largest minority group. And careful examination of the latest statistics would suggest they are just waiting for the chance to do business with merchants.

This study encompass the following main areas:

1)Understanding the new media, including Web 2.0, and new technologies that have been developed

2)Identify their application and accessibility to the general population and people with disabilities

3)Identify and promote promising/best practices

2008  Syndicated research study conducted in conjunction with the Pew Hispanic Center and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

More than one-fourth of Hispanic adults in the U.S. lack a usual health care provider, and a similar proportion report obtaining no health care information from medical personnel in the past year.  This is unsurprising as Latinos now represent 16% of the population, but only 4% of the health professionals.

At the same time, more than eight in ten respondents to the study reports receiving health information from media sources, such as television and radio.  The survey also finds that foreign-born and less-assimilated Latinos -- those who mainly speak Spanish -- are less likely than other Latinos to report that they have a usual place to go for medical treatment or advice.

Not only are most Latinos obtaining information from media sources, but a sizeable proportion -- 79% -- say they are acting on this information.  The survey findings clearly demonstrate the power and potential of the media to disseminate health information to the disparate segments of the Latino population.