Over the past 20 years, Carmen Arruda has accumulated a broad base of expertise in the real estate industry. Ms. Arruda currently serves as Assistant Vice President and Regional Account Manager for Fidelity National Title Group at its Bellevue, Washington, office, which oversees the company's Seattle operations. Ms. Arruda entered the field of real estate after she earned her California Real Estate License in 1989. After a few years, Carmen Arruda began working as a loan officer, in addition to focusing on her real estate business. In this capacity, she structured an array of real estate loans. She gained additional experience in title production, escrows, appraisals, credit, and numerous other facets of the business. Carmen Arruda then launched her own real estate company in Los Angeles. As the owner and manager, she supervised a staff of 25 and provided leadership in the marketing, sales, and production facets of the business. In 1996, she ventured into the new home construction market. For the next seven years, she served a Community Sales Manager for several national homebuilding companies, such as Centex Homes, Beazer Homes, and Ryand Homes. In 2003, Ms. Arruda became an Account Executive for Lawyers Title, a member of the Fidelity National Financial, Inc., family of companies. The following year, Carmen Arruda accepted the position she currently holds at Fidelity National Title Group. A subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, the company issues more title insurance policies than any other U.S. firm in the industry. Ms. Arruda utilizes her broad experience to assist customers with purchase and sales agreements, easements, condominium and HOA formation, escrow, and loans and security. In particular, she has expertise in short sales, loan modification, and loan mediation.

Carmen Arruda on the Rockwell Institute

As the premier real estate school for the Pacific Northwest, the Rockwell Institute has been training individuals in real estate matters for almost 40 years. Founded by David L. Rockwell, the Rockwell Institute opened its first location in Washington in 1974. Subsequently, it established a facility in California, expanded into textbook publishing, and became among the first to offer online exclusive courses. Additionally, the organization arranges satellite school partnerships that feature profit sharing opportunities. Along with leading sessions that educate students on acquiring broker, managing broker, and salesperson licenses, the Rockwell Institute runs continuing education programs. Real estate professionals often need to fulfill a certain number of credits in order to maintain their licenses, and this group places many of its accredited seminars online. To learn more about the Rockwell Institute, log on to About the Author: Based out of Washington state, Carmen Arruda performs as an Assistant Vice President and Regional Account Manager for Fidelity National Title Group. Having spent much of her career in the real estate field, Arruda has taken courses at the Rockwell Institute.

Carmen Arruda: Millennial Home Buying

Carmen Arruda is an assistant vice president and a regional account manager at Fidelity National Title Group in Bellevue, Washington.There is a myth that millennials, young adults born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s, are not “the home-buying type.” They tend to be highly mobile, valuing freedom and new experiences over the stability of a permanent job or home. Those who came of age during the recession tended to rent, rather than buy, their homes for far longer than previous generations. As millennials mature and the economy strengthens, however, there are signs that things might be looking up for the housing market. Trulia, an online real estate resource, recently reported that, according to its 2013 American Dream survey, 93% of millennial renters plan to buy a home someday. Additionally, 31% of all renters plan to purchase a home in the next year or two. This indicates that the propensity to rent is more financial than behavioral, and that as the economy improves those restless millennials will buy homes.

Fidelity National Title’s Carmen Arruda Gives a Primer on Adverse Po

Typically, property titles change hands through sale or other transfer between parties. However, adverse possession is one way in which title to real estate may be given by the law to a claimant who has possessed a property in opposition to the property’s true owner and met other legal conditions for a certain time. While laws regarding adverse possession differ from one state to another, generally a person may acquire title to a property through adverse possession by showing actual, open, notorious, hostile possession, under the cover of claim or right that is continuous and uninterrupted for the period established by the applicable jurisdiction. These are all legal terms that, in essence, mean an adverse claimant may acquire title to a property over its true owner by continuously living on or otherwise openly using the property with public knowledge, under a claim of right and without sharing it with the true owner, for the time specified by the applicable law. As with the other elements of the law, although the time period varies between states, it typically requires several years of uninterrupted possession.Adverse possession claims arise in a variety of cases, from squatters moving on to property for years to boundary line disputes between neighbors. In an adverse possession claim, the true property owner has a number of defenses, usually involving establishing that the adverse claimant has not met one of the required elements. In order to assert, or defend against, a claim of adverse possession, property owners should seek professional assistance. Carmen Arruda, an Assistant Vice President and Regional Account Manager at the Seattle operations/Bellevue, Washington, office of Fidelity National Title Group, is an expert in a variety of real estate transactions and is experienced with adverse possession claims, boundary line, and other property disputes.

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