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Sworn Translator

in the English-Spanish language pair

Certified by the Ministry of Justice of Venezuela

Commission published in Official Gazette Nº 38 938 in May 2008

Professional Experience


Freelance Translator


Corporate Communications:

  • Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Shareholder Meetings
  • Financial and Income Statements, Tax Returns
  • Contracts, Power of Attorney, Legal Affairs
  • Company Portfolio and Personal Résumé

Visa and Immigration Requirements:

  • Vital Records, Transcripts, Diplomas, Certificates
  • Corporate Documentation

Scientific and Technical:

  • Abstracts, Manuals, Papers

Freelance Translator

Hispanic World
  • User Guides, Advertising, Human Resources, Insurance and Health
  • Food Standards and Regulations
  • Proofreading

Freelance Translator

Traducciones Delta
  • Patent Assignments and Claims
  • Pharmaceutical Reports
  • Requirements for the import and commercialization of goods:

Good Manufacturing Practices, Free Sale Certificates, Business Agreements



Agricultural Economics | Food Science and Technology

Virgina Tech

My college tuition gave me a good foundation in Applied Sciences and Economics and at Tech we were  encouraged to develop strong communication skills, especially in the written form. Also, emphasis was placed on research methods and critical thinking.

However, I probably began by the age of 8 when I discovered the family library: a large repository spanning centuries of knowledge across different fields. In my line of work, the ability to collect and recollect information and piece it together is a plus. Sifting through countless pages is done best when knowing just where and how to look.

You can rest assured that your text won't be taken lightly, that your reader won't run into yet another false cognate or a cultural faux pas.

I will render a translation that is both accurate and idiomatic.


Here you can read samples of my renditions into English

with the original text in Spanish side by side.

I've included 5 PDF files covering legalese, a medical report and a speech given by an ambassador. Have a look around and do feel free to send your comments over to:

[email protected]