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Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Freelance Media Analyst

Report International

Currently analyzing media articles in English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese for key international companies.

• Translate headlines and write summaries for media articles.

• Code article information following analytical parameters.


• Article analysis • Translation • Coding.

Jan 2011Present

Latin Music Guide

Currently managing the Latin Music site for

• Create and optimize content in English for the Latin Music site at (articles and blogs).

• Produce Newsletters.

• Monitor user activity in the forums

• Follow statistics and implement Web analytics to improve content on the site.


• Writing for the Web (English) • SEO • Newsletters • Forums and user support • Web analytics.

Jun 2011Present

Content Editor


• Produce original and rich content for hotels to increase their appeal and profitability.

• Gather and analyze different information to boost content for properties.

• Search and edit images for hotels.

• Support clients with requests.

Skills: • Writing for the Web • Copywriting • SEO • Image editing.

May 2010Jul 2010

Web Search Evaluator

Butler Hill

• Review and analyze queries according to specific guidelines.

•Rate words and content associated with specific queries to provide categorization of queries, conducting Internet searches as needed.

• Define parameters for queries within the Italian market.

Jun 2008Aug 2009

Web Content Manager


Content Management

• Add all the text for the Website • Edit and place all the images in the site using Photoshop • Meet with development and design teams to plan site style and appearance • Clean HTML code and create content in Drupal environment.

Copywriting and Web Marketing

• Produce original content to enhance site’s appealing and SEO • Write promotional text for products, marketing campaigns and newsletters • Provide support in the production of ad banners • e-mail marketing. E-commerce

• Establish and strengthen the network of providers • Produce different reports in order to analyze the performance (ROI) of the auctions in the site and select new products accordingly.


• Provide customer service by e-mail • Follow-up logistics related to purchases and shipping and handling of goods.

Jul 2006Apr 2007

Faculty Support Assistant

John Cabot University

• Teaching (Latin American course)

• Administrative (Faculty support, event planning)

• Graphic Design (posters)

Sep 2005May 2006

City Guide

Webtigo - Tourcaster

• Tour planning

• Graphic Design (Map creation)

• Other (Tour drafting, voice recording)

Sep 2000Mar 2005

Web Editor


Editorial and Content Development

•Yahoo! News (Create and monitor news coverage related to current events; Make judgments on story significance, manage photos, and generate original content(e.g. polls and FAQ sections) for different areas of news information).

• Yahoo! Sports (Arrange written and visual content for the Spanish sports product (Yahoo! Deportes); Manage a group of international editors in order to develop rich content for main sport events such as the 2002 World Cup).

•Yahoo! Directory (Add Web sites to the directory and write comments for them in English and Spanish).

•Yahoo! Groups (Monitor, support, and categorize groups within the Yahoo! community).

Web Marketing and SEO

• Analyze click-thru rates in order to improve the impact of different sections throughout the site

• Lead the editorial team in charge of carrying out search results testing by providing individual support and writing guidelines for the tests.

• Arrange search results for specific and relevant queries.

May 2000Jul 2000

Web Editor


• Place and write reviews for Web sites to be incorporated into the directory

• Work in the ontology of the database

Dec 1999Apr 2000

Program Assistant

Prevention Institute

• Administrative (General support, coordinate nation-wide presentations)

• Accounting and Financial Development

Dec 1994Dec 1995

Investment Analyst


• Marketing Research

• Accounting and Financial Development

• Graphic design of bonds


Aug 1997Apr 1999


Vanderbilt University

Major: Anthropology

Thesis: Worshiping Whiteness: Racism and Identities in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru


Google Analytics
I have a Certificate in Google Analytics.
Internet Blogs
Blogger, WordPress
Windows OS
XP, Vista, 7
Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash
Office Package
Word, Excel, PowerPoint


Feb 2010Aug 2011

Google Analytics Individual Qualification


Image Creation & Editing

PowerPoint Presentations

Online Marketing

Sites I Have Worked for

Freelance Journalist/Writer

SEO Sample

ROI Analysis

Web Analytics

Professional Timeline

Voice Recording


• Spanish (native speaker)

• English (fluent)

• Italian (fluent)

• Portuguese (basic)

Freelance Journalist/Writer

Interests: International affairs, world politics, US politics, Latin America, terrorism issues, sports, music.

Since 2004, I have been working as a freelance journalist writing for newspapers in Colombia. I have also created various blogs where I have elaborated all my ideas while improving my writing skills significantly. Being a native Spanish speaker, I mainly write in Spanish. However, lately I am also writing in English in order to capture a broader audience of readers and share my thoughts in a more global way (To see samples of my work, check out the link "Freelance Journalist/Writer" on the right menu bar of this CV).

Some of the articles published by El Tiempo include:

• Xenofobia y civilización, Dec. 22, 2009 • Decisión salomónica, Dec. 6, 2009 • Tiempos de oscurantismo, Nov. 10, 2009 • El reto moral de Obama, Apr. 25, 2009 • Cambio vs. Experiencia (segundo acto), Jun. 5, 2008.

I have been a regular columnist for the Colombian newspaper El Mundo. Some of my articles include the following:

• Tiempos de oscurantismo, Dec. 1, 2009 • Un adiós memorable, Jun. 11, 2008 • Que gane el juego limpio, Jun. 4, 2008 • Punto de quiebre para Obama, May 9, 2008 • Clinton debería retirarse, Apr. 26, 2008.

I am currently writing in Spanish for Suite 101. I have been featured in the site's homepage thanks to the quality of some of my articles. Because fo this experience, I have been able to learn and improve many things about writing for the Web and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some of my articles include the following:

El Euro y la crisis de la deuda en Europa, Feb. 7, 2010 • Estrategias para buscar viajes baratos, Feb. 2, 2010 • Apple presenta al mundo el iPad, Jan. 28, 2010 • El Foro Económico Mundial 2010, Jan. 27, 2010.

I recently joined the Suite 101 property in English and the following is a sample  published on that site:

Neapolitan Pizza - The Best Pizza in the World, Oct. 2, 2010 • Chico Buarque and the Songs that Spoke Against Dictatorship, Oct. 19, 2010 • Italy and Silvio Berlusconi: Europe's Unofficial Crisis, Dec. 29, 2010.


I would like to keep growing as a Web Editor and Content Manager. I am particularly interested in journalism but I am willing to venture into any field that allows me to keep nurturing my editorial and content management skills. Because of my professional experience promoting online content, I am also interested in a position (e.g. communication officer) where I can promote brands and initiatives using the Web.

After my experience working as a Web Content Manager for an e-commerce site, I am also ready to explore new opportunities that allow me to improve my overall knowledge of Web analytics and online marketing. In particular, I am interested in the development of social media campaigns. Because of this, I would welcome any job opportunity working for an e-commerce site or corporate brand.

In general, I  would like to bring and use all my analytical, computer and language skills in my next job.



+10 years years of broad professional experience. Solid record managing online editorial products in English and Spanish. Relevant experience maintaining and improving Website performance through search optimization, web analytics, localization, data and ROI analysis, and communication strategies.


Editorial products, Web content management, Online communication, Web Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, copywriting, newsletters, e-mail campaigns, ad-banners, e-commerce, B2C, data and ROI analysis, reports, image editing, Web directories, search testing, online customer service, online communities, blogs, localization, social media, academic teaching

What people say about me

"You definitely want Carlos on your team. He is an amazing person to work with, extremely efficient and very knowledgeable."

Beatriz Bustamante, Project Manager, Yahoo! Americas.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Carlos's intelligence, conscientious contributions, and his pure, hard work."

Gordon Hurd, Editorial Manager, Yahoo, Inc.

"... his contributions stood out amongst a large group of contributors. "

Lynn Barnett Seigerman, Senior Lead Surfer/Project Manager, Yahoo! Inc.

"In addition to being dedicated to the work, his warm personality made him a pleasure to work with."

Morgen Humes, Director of Training and Research, Seneca Center worked directly with Carlos at Prevention Institute.

"Carlos did a great job as a Web Editor of the Latin American Directory while we worked at Looksmart."

Oscar Arteta, Editor for US Hispanic Market, LookSmart.

For complete recommendations on my behalf, I invite you to visit my LinkedIn profile.