Carlos Medrano


Jos Carlos Medrano Jaime Arag n y Le n No 28-G Col. Centro C.P. 62000 Cuernavaca, Morelos Cuernavaca: 011 (52) 777 315 7601 Domicilio DF: 011(52) 55 3539-2050 Professional objectives I am interested in a manager or marketing specialist position with in a company in the Graphics Arts Industry or similar, ether specializing in the areas of flexography and rotogravure process with in the flexible food packing. Also with in the administration of a company related or not. Education Bachelor of Science at Northwestern State University of Louisiana May 1982. Mayor on Industrial Technology with specialty on Graphics Arts. Work Experience EIS Fabrico (Division) Marketing Specialist January 2006 December 2007 1. The main objective consisted in making a study in Mexico City to deter if the company could have presence in the Mexican Market. 2. It did required from me to get familiar with there products and equipment in the Die cutting for the industries of electric, electronic, appliance and automobile. 3. I took training in: 3M College Converter -DuPont, on Nomex. -Von Roll -Chomaric s -Formex -E*A*R (specialty composites) -TUF shielf. - Intertape. -PolyFlex -Covalence Adhesives. -Cottrell -Saint-Gobain. 4. Once I had the knowledge on the materials and the equipment, I did a research on how competitive Fabrico could be in the Mexican Market. Results: I could deter that the cost of labor for doing the manufacture of any pieces became too expensive; therefore if they did not put the company with in Mexican land it wouldn t come profitable for the company. While the cost of labor in USA is something around $50 to $60 Dollars an hour, in Mexico is between $5 to $6 Dollars. Therefore every time a product was quoted we were around 150% to 200% higher in price. There is a big potential market though it requires very competitive prices. Since the company did not have any intention to put another facility in Mexican land, my services where no longer required and the study was consider completed.

Work experience

Work experience

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