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First Engineering and Construction professional Journals 1999

C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas

1.- Project Management Basics according to the PMI

2.- Quality Management for Engineering Projects

Awarded with the 2nd place by attendants preference.

Second Engineering and Construction professional Journals 2000

C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas

1.- Intelligent Buildings, Basic concepts.

“Entre Lineas” magazine, internal publication of C.A. La Electricidad de Caracas

Quality Management for Engineering Projects


Spanish - Nature language.

English - 7.5/9 Level according to the ESLT - July 2006

French - Middle level according to the Venezuelan - French Alliance test - July 2006







Speed walking/ jogging


Offer the highest quality as product from my job, learning all the related aspects to apply them upgrading processes and looking to improve productivity and achievements for me and for the organization I do work for.



Leadership and Supervisory Skills.

Effective communication.

Piping and mechanical systems design

FIRE detection and alarm systems, and FIRE suppression systems.

Computer aided design.

Several mechanical engineering related trainings.

Life support and first aids training.


Mechanical Engineer, bilingual, specialist in Business Administration with wide experience in multidisciplinary engineering projects, designer, coordinator, discipline leader on mechanic and fire protection, maintenance, inspection y and construction contract managing and team control.

Trainings in office and design computer tools such as Micro station, A/C load calculation, water based fire suppression systems. Handling of international engineering standards and Quality assurance tools and standards. Highly adaptable, committed, team worker and goals achievements oriented

Work experience

Feb 2001Present

Senior Facility Engineer

US department of State, American Embassy, caracas, venezuela

In charge of all preventive and corrective maintenance tasks leading a 22 tech ́s crew; developing and coordination of new A&E projects for the Embassy compound (26 acres) and the official Residences; Budget developing and new projects requirement for DOS.

  • Participated on the development and lead the implementation of the new organizational structure for the Facility Management department increasing the general section efficiency and effectiveness in 60%.
  • Coordinated 15 mayor construction projects inside the Embassy compound, between local construction companies, Department of State inspection teams from OBO office and local inspection and construction management companies, achieving in all cases the work completion within the established time frames and the original budgets.
  • Coordinated the upgrading and/or replacement works for the electrical and mechanical equipments and systems serving the Embassy compound, achieving on each opportunity the total recovery of the fully operational condition on the upgrading cases and the implementation of state of the art technologies on the replacement cases.
  • Lead all the remodeling and spaces renovation works for the Embassy building offices achieving more efficient use of the existing space providing work stations for 15% additional employees and renovating the existing office furniture and spaces finishing in 80% of the existing spaces and offices.
  • Lead all the pre-purchase technical evaluation and the upgrading and make ready process of the New Chief of Mission Residence; a 5600 sq mt property and 2300 sq mt. construction house; successfully coordinating seven construction contractors thru the mechanical, electrical and architectural recovery and upgrading of the house; a 900K USD project, delivering the house on time for his occupancy.
  • Keep control of the preventive and corrective maintenance operations for the Embassy Compound, the three Government Owned Residences and the Embassy warehouse; additionally provide support for the operation of around 100 leased apartments for the Embassy officials and diplomats, all that within the established time frames and budgeting according to the quality and standards of the State Department.
Feb 1995Aug 2000

Project Mechanical Engineer.


Engineer in charge of the development of the mechanical, fire protection and security systems for the Company buildings. Leader of the Mechanical, fire protection and security teams for several projects.

  • Managed the ̈Centro de Servicios de Este ̈ A&E project as Acting Project Manager in two opportunities, achieving successful results on the development of the project; keeping it within the established budged, scheduled advance and time frames.
  • Lead the works related to the Mechanical and Safety disciplines for four of the Company projects resides the coordination with the rest of the A&E disciplines involved; keeping the costs and times established for the projects.
  • Established the necessity of establish the tools and design a Quality Assurance Plan for the Centro de Servicios de Este Project, developing six of the tools and actively participated on the developing of the plan leaving 80% of it ready.
  • Lead and coordinated the Works for the mechanical and safety disciplines on the recovery and upgrade of the “Centro de Servicios Guanape” severely affected by the 1999 flooding recovering the operational condition of the installation in three (3) months.
  • Design ten (10) Fire protection and suppression systems for several of the company installations, offering full protection to the lives of the working personnel and as well as the goods and installations, all projects were completed within the time and cost estimated.
  • Design four (4) HVAC systems for several of the company installations offering full protection for the health of the workers using the areas and minimizing the occupational hazards.
Mar 1993Nov 1994

Department Head.


Leader in charge of the re-engineering of the Automobile claims Management, direct purchases for local and imported vehicles, development of new projects and controlling the implementation of the re-engineering plan.

  • Participated on the development of the Strategic Plan of the Automotive Claims Sub-Management achieving the effective reduction on the sinisterness index in 60%.
  • Coordinated the tasks for the local origin direct spare parts supply for the crashed vehicles, personally conducting the negotiation process with all the vehicle assembling plants in Venezuela, covering 90% of all the country and reducing the repairs costs in 400MMBs.
  • Coordinated the tasks related with the imported spare parts for foreign origin vehicles insured by the company, personally controlling the acquisition process from the selection up to the delivery to the repair shops achieving an effective reduction on the spares costs of 200MMBs.
  • Conducted thru the department the development of the Justification and Feasibility Study and for the “Centro de Acopio de Seguros La Seguridad”(Collect Center of Seguros La Seguridad) project, delivering the Conceptual Project Documents to the company Presidency ready to proceed with the Directive Board approval and the funds appropriation.
Jul 1991Feb 1993

Department Head


Leader of the Maintenance and engineering section, developing all the preventive and corrective maintenance plans, spare parts purchasing and control, development and coordination of all the A&E projects.

  • Systematized and planned all the preventive and corrective tasks and works for the whole compound and the infrastructure, recovering the operational condition of 85% of the machines and areas of the compound.
  • Developer the spare parts, pieces and materials required for the maintenance shop preventive and corrective operations, recovering the purchasing systematization as well as the maintenance warehouse stock levels and reducing the response time in 70% and the emergency purchases in 60%.
Jul 1987Jul 1991

Project Engineer.


In charge of the development of the mechanical systems project for the hydro power plant project.

  • Participated with a consultant assessor in the design of all the mechanical auxiliary systems for the Power House N٥3 of the Macagua II Hydroelectric Complex, achieving the full completion of the Project and the effective assimilation of the know-How value for the company, reducing the assessment costs in 30%.
  • Coordinated the tasks of the mechanical discipline for the auxiliary systems of the Power House No2 of the Macagua II Hydroelectric Complex between the “Consorcio Consultores Caroní” (Caroní Consulting Consortium) and Edelca, achieving an effective cost reduction by re-works and design reviews and keeping the scheduled times in 100%.
  • Coordinated and developed six (6) design for different buildings of the company, reducing the consulting costs and keeping the scheduled times for each project with the effective assimilation of concepts and technology for Edelca.


Sep 1991Nov 1994

Business Administration Specialist

Universidad Simón Bolívar / Simón Bolivar University

Business Administration with emphasys in Project management.

Sep 1979Apr 1987

Mechanical Engineeering

Universidad Central de Venezuela / Venezuela Central University
Sep 1973Jul 1978


Colegio Claret / Claret High School


Fire brigades. Medical support and aid component
Ms Office tools, compuetr software and office equipment