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Carlos Poupa

Statistics, Data Analysis, Project Management

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From an initial background in engineering I changed directions long ago and went to learn management.
In the last years I have been teaching Market Research, Data Analysis and Management of the Production of Banking Services. Currently, I teach at ULHT and ISGB, an institute that belongs to the Portuguese Banks Association.

Numbers show us what we need to know. Numbers help us understand. Numbers bring new questions. Numbers help us to decide. In the end, numbers are never enough, in the end is always a management decision. My mission is to help the management to make the best one.

Sometimes I teach Project Management. Once you start doing Project Management, Project Management is a way of thinking, is a way of living. At Autoeuropa I dealt with some of the largest and more complex projects imaginable. It was a good experience, a strong experience in a technological and international context. After Autoeuropa, I can say that I am not afraid of the management of any project.



High-level. Able to use R very quickly to solve every common problem of research or data analysis. Never afraid of new problems.


High-level. Able to use SPSS very quickly to solve every common problem of research or data analysis. Never afraid of new problems.


Good level. A bit rusty now, but can improve to the level of the good old times quite fast, if necessary.

Project management

Expert level. Able to work with very big projects.
Comfortable with technology and not afraid of technological jargon.

Research design

Expert level. Able to make the fundamental bridge between business decisions and the research to support them.

Quantitative methods

Expert level. Masters quantitative methods, descriptive and inferential statistics, sampling and data analysis, as well as reporting

Qualitative methods

High-level. Masters qualitative methods, interviewing and focus group techniques, sampling and data analysis, as well as reporting


High-level. Able to use Nvivo to organize qualitative information whenever necessary and to produce better business insights

Work experience


Teacher: Marketing Research


Quantitative and qualitative methods applied to consumer research, marketing research and management


Teacher: Management of Production of Banking Services


Quantitative methods applied to the optimization of the banking business


Teacher: Data Analysis


Statistic methods applied to banking and consumer behavior


Teacher: Organizational Behavior


Working and living in organizations. Leadership, culture, motivation and change management


Teacher: Multimedia Product Design


Web programming and web design


E-Learning Technical Manager


Project management: bringing together technology, contents and teachers


Plant Engineer


Project management at the launch of Autoeuropa, an automobile factory,
Ford and Volkswagen joint-venture,
number one exporter in Portugal


Teacher: Math

Ministry of Education

Teach math from 7 to 12 grade



CFA of the PhD in Education

University of Lisbon

CFA = approval in all the disciplines of the PhD, but no thesis


MsC in Management Sciences

IInstituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa

Thesis: Consumer Behavior and E-Commerce


MBA - Master of Business Administration

Instituto Superior de Ciências do Trabalho e da Empresa

Bachelor in Electrotechnical and Computer Engineering

Instituto Superior Técnico


Portuguese - mother language

English - fluent

French - fluent in reading, not in writing or speaking

Spanish - can read, not write or speak

German - long ago, I studied German, but did not use it and it is almost totally forgotten