About me

Recent graduate in the career of Digital Systems Engineering and Communications. I´m an active and engaged person, waiting to put into practice all knowledge acquired in the university on a company that gives me the opportunity to be part of your team of work.


2006 - 2014

Engineering Program in Digital Systems and Communications

Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad https://mx.linkedin.com/in/denialtorres.

Bachelor's degree, Engineering Program in Digital Systems and Communications, 2008 - 2014 Grade: Finished

Work History

Work History
Apr 2014 - Present

Field Service Engineer

Field Service Engineer at (1 year 3 months) Provide technical support to the EMC servers and Oracle models-Manage the server environment, and set up servers correctly for ongoing operations. This can involve creating a good atmosphere in a server room or space, by controlling temperature and humidity.-Participate in designing server systems before they are implemented.-Pursue maintenance upgrades for the implementation of patches, along with other software and hardware upgrades or support processes.-Handling problems and issues related to physical hardwareinstallation and use
Dec 2011 - Apr 2013

Help Desk Specialist

IT Help Desk at (1 year 5 months) Provide a daily service to the end user in the resolution of the problems they were to present their equipment. Respond to requests from employees with the best attitude posible. Perform scheduled maintenance routines daily either as supporting information databases, support and debug mail inboxes. Working as an assistant if it was required tests. Make a continuous effort to provide a high quality customer service. Certifications Linux Essentials Certification




Basic Troubleshooting Hardware 

I have three years giving technical support to different kinds of customers. 


Command line scripting, web server implementation using nginx and ruby of rails for responsive web


Recently I create a application for parking lot detection using Labview and his IMAQ library. 

Javascript,Ruby,HTML5, App Mobile

Learn it by myself with the intention of create hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android using HTML5 techniques.


Using C++ mostly in the school for programming embedded applications on FPGA cards, but I have a good programming logic to create algorithms that solve problems.