Carlos Boya

  • Panama, PA

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2010 - Present

PHD Candidate

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Research in detection and extraction of sources of Partial Discharge by means of Blind Signal Separation using acoustic an UHF emmisions. Beside, I am working in Detection and Identification systems, estimation theory, adaptive filter, stochastic processes and Machine learning.
Jan 2005 - Dec 2014

Profesor de Telecomunicaciones

Universidad Latina de Panamá
Over nine years I have worked as a Professor of Signal Processing, Antennas, Electronic Instrumentation, Electronic System, Computer Architecture, Digital Circuits, Signals and Systems, Control Systems, Telecommunication Systems and Physics.
May 2006 - Jan 2010

Electrical Designer

Applus Norcontrol
More than 1,500 electric projects designed, budgeted, coordinated and inspected. Examples of projects: Aerial phase line of 25km in Alanje, Chiriqui; Three phase lines of over 10km each for Hydropower in Baitún, Chiriquí; 15km single-phase line in Chiriqui Grande; underground line phase with more than 25 transformers in Boquete, Chiriqui; electric development of more than 30 housing developments in aerial or underground line, in various parts of the province of Chiriqui; special projects for substations and power plants in Chiriquí; ecological three-phase power lines in Dolega and Gualaca; design and cost evaluation of 10 rural projects over 10km each in Cocle and Veraguas (Office of Rural Electrification). Electrical works -Consultant for medium and low voltage in the company Gas Natural Fenosa Union -Head Occupational safety projects. Design of drawings in AUTOCAD.


2010 - 2012

M.S. Automatic, electronic and electrical engineering

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Embedded power quality monitoring system. Blind signal separation for acustic mixture. Adaptive filtering.
1995 - 2001

BS Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Technological university of Panama







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