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Carlos Areces

Spoken languages: Spanish, English 


High school graduate 

Tasis England 

I graduated in TASIS England, although I only studied there my 12 grade. Before I studied my 11th grade in the US, and before in Madrid, Spain.

Sep 2015Present

BA Business management 

Westminster Business school 

Currently I am studying a business management undergraduate at westminster university.

Work experience


I have worked as a nanny in Spain. As I don't live in Spain since I am 15 due to studies, I worked as nanny in Spain when I went back during holidays. 

Jun 2014Sep 2014


Tres Producciones

During last years summer, I worked for a Marketing company based in madrid, Spain. My job was to help anyone that requiere my help, taking care of kids in the shootings, helping to create the sets, etc. 

Jun 2015Sep 2015

Pharmacy Assistant

Started as a community service, and continued for 3 more months. The experience I got from working in a Pharmacy helped me understand how the medical system works, and how medicines need to be used, always by doctors notice.