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Carlos Alberto Guzmán Medina

Telematics Engineer


I am a Telematics Engineer with experience in IT, Software Development  and Customer Facing roles, always looking to improve my knowledge and skills; I have developed problem solving capability and I am always looking to learn from others and be a good team mate. My passions are science and technology.


Team Work

I consider that the best way to get extraordinary results is to work and collaborate with a team. I really enjoy working and to collaborate with other people, to share knowledge and learn from others.


I am always looking forward to learn more, to get better results, to do new things and to learn about different subjects, in order to best fit solutions for any requirement or problem.


I am fluently in english, both verbal and written.

Solution Selling

Within my experience with customers from all verticals, I apply the solution selling methodology from the first contact through the technical closure of a project

IT/Software Knowledge

Within my professional experience, I have become a trusted advisor Enterprise customers in Mexico regarding UC&C, CC, Video, Networking, Cloud and Middleware solutions. 


Aug 2010Mar 2015

Telematics Engineer

Unidad Profesional Interdisciplinaria en Ingeniería y Tecnologías Avanzadas (UPIITA) - Instituto Politécnico Nacional

I have graduated as a Telematics Engineer in UPIITA with a GPA of  9.43/10 in a total time of nine semesters.

Among my career I earned practical and theoretical knowledge in different areas:

  • Programming(C/C++/Java/Web Programming/Data Bases/Multimedia/Distributed Systems), Data Structures, Multimedia, OS.
  • Computational Networks (TCP/IP, OSI, topologies, routing protocols [such as RIP, OSPF, BGP], Security)
  • Telecommunications (Cellular Networks, Telephony, Antennas, Digital Communications, DSPs)

Work History

Jun 2015Present

Commercial Sales Engineer


As an SE I am directly involved with customers and Commercial accounts in Avaya. I am responsible for a set of named Accounts, and my role is to be the trusted advisor of my clients. I have worked with customers in all the country and collaborated with International teams (internal from Avaya and external from Customers).

I have good relationship with Carriers, Distributors, Business Partners and Customers.

As this is a really dynamic industry and job, I am always self learning new market trends, technologies and about other vendors, in order to have a clear understanding of today's needs and priorities for my clients. My principal focus is to leverage the conversation with clients about the new and futures concepts, like Bloackchain,Cloud, Software Defined Architectures, Digital Transformation, Security.

Nov 2014May 2015

Sales Engineer Intern


I acquired experience and knowledge in all the Avaya portfolio: Video, UC, Networking, SMB, CC. I also learned about IT trends and new technologies such as WebRTC and SDN. My training path was to become a full SE.

Achievements and Projects

As a student, I have contested in academic competitions:

  • Participated in the 41st International Physics Olympiad (Croatia, 2010)
  • Gold Medal in the XX National Physics Olympiad (Mexico, 2009)

In order to obtain my bachelor's degree, I made a research in the field of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). This research led to a paper that was published in Barcelona 2014 at the 11th International Symposium on Wireless Communications Systems (ISWCS) with the name Residual energy-based transmission schemes for event reporting wireless sensor networks, that is an international IEEE congress. The program was made in C with Data Structures, and compiled with GCC, all the WSN was modeled with structures and pointers, I used discrete simulation and real-time simulation in this program.

The paper can be found at:


In Avaya I developed an application (java written) for a large bank in Mexico to make a Click-to-Call functionality, so the Agenst of the bank's Contact Center could easily reach out to important customers and all this remains recorded in the bank's systems. The application was developed with the Avaya's middleware solution called "Avaya Breeze".


Nov 2014Mar 2015



I earned sales and design certifications from Avaya in different areas:

  • APSS: SME Communications, Avaya Contact Center Solutions for IP Office, Unified Communications, Avaya Scopia Solution, Contact Centers.
  • APDS: Avaya Midmarket Solutions, Avaya Contact Center Select, Unified Communications, Avaya Scopia Solution, Contact Centers.