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Consultant: organization and financial software (part/full time work for banks, for instance Citibank, Unicredito, Banca Popolare Milano, Banca Popolare Lodi, Banca Popolare Novara, SIASSB), functional analisys/software development/test activities, flow of operational trades and auditing organization, etc. Knowledge of Italian financial software: Cad, Ipacri/Elsag, Owfinance (smit2), Cedacri, Coginfo, SIA/Kedrios.

Work experience


Laby srl
Apr 1968Sep 2003


Banca Popolare Commercio Industria

From April 1968 to September 2003

Banca Popolare Commercio Industria, Via Moscova 33 – 20122 Milan


Open-ended contract


Year 1968 : bill portfolio

1972 : current account office

1973 : finance back office: settlement and administration (securities, investment funds,


1985 : organization

1986 : finance back office: settlement and administration (securities, investment funds,


1991 : responsible of internal auditing (finance area)

1997 : responsible of Finance Area Organization

1999 : Foreign Afffairs department

·Administration and organization of Finance Area (front-office, back-office, administration and accounting, analisys and development of balancing, auditing, customers’ requirements, etc.).

·Functional analisys, software development, test activities in financial area (securities, investment funds, sicav, assets administration, foreign investors, depositary bank, shareholders’ register).

·Finance Organization: analisys of operational trades, job description, accounting flow, auditing system, etc.

·<!--[if gte vml 1]><v:line id="_x0000_s1026" style='position:absolute;left:0;text-align:left;z-index:251660288; mso-position-horizontal-relative:page;mso-position-vertical-relative:page' from="-5.7pt,11.45pt" to="-5.45pt,776.7pt"> <w:wrap anchorx="page" anchory="page" /> </v:line><![endif]-->Internal Auditing (Finance Area): organization/running of auditing, supervisory regulation, memos, reports to Board of Auditors and Board of Directors, Consob, Banca d’Italia, UIC.

·Partecipation in the ‘Stock Exchange and Financial Markets Technical Committee’ABI, Rome.


Università Trento

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• title of qualification awarded

Financial Promoter

• year


• university

the University of Trento

Degree in Sociology

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• commercial school

Technical school ‘Tecnico Pietro Verri’, Milan

Accounting Certificate