Dark-room and Photo Chemistry

I learned photography through the old techniques of chemistry and dark-room photography.  I have personally worked with photo techniques that date back to the beginning of photography.  I have also worked in a photo lab for 2 years, my duties included mixing chemistries, correctly handling and desposing of chemistry, also knowledge of darkroom equipment, enlargers, etc.

Music Production

I personally produce music that has been used in some of the previously stated projects.  I play the instruments, record and edit music.  I've played piano for about 20 years, and I also play guitar.  I have played, but I'm intermediate, the cello, drums, bass and other random instruments.

Studio Lighting

I have extensive knowledge in photographic lighting in studio setups.  As well as technical knowledge of equipment and accessories needed for such shoots.

Final Cut Pro Editor

Latest film project was a mock up video ad for American Apparel.  Many different film projects I've worked in post production, in which we used Final Cut Pro.  Total Professional Editing time would be in 1000+ hours, not including personal time spent with the program.   You can see the different projects that I've worked for in the above section 'work experience'


Extensive knowledge, and experience in Photoshop.  I've learned skills through educational and professional settings.