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Committed to the promotion of social change and community development, Dr. Carlisle Piersol is employed as an Associate Professor at the Department of Inter-professional Health Sciences and Health Administration in Seton Hall University. Dr. Carlisle Piersol has years of academic and executive experience behind him. A certified Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Dr. Piersol has taught students in the School of Health and Medical Science various leadership and research courses. He is also a certified Health Education Specialist. Dr. Piersol teaches students enrolled in the Master in Health Administration Program and PhD program in Health Sciences. Additionally, he has been responsible for a range of leadership roles in the health care and insurance industries.

Dr. Carlisle Piersol has been on the faculty of Seton Hall University for more than a decade. Since 2002, his research interests have varied from individual and organizational change to organizational sense making, health care leadership, the development of strategic thinking capability, and how generational differences produce an effect on organizational performance in health care organizations.

Dr. Carlisle Piersol holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Otterbain College. He earned a Master of Science in Health degree from the University of Florida. Moreover, he completed a Doctor of Education degree at George Washington University. Dr. Piersol has served at a New Jersey community hospital as a CEO and COO. He was also Senior VP for a regional managed care organization. Aside from that, Dr. Piersol has been Regional VP for a national health insurer. Carlisle is a Fellow of the American College of Health Executives (ACHE), which testifies to his having passed the Board of Governors Examination in Healthcare Management.

Dr. Carlisle Piersol was the School Health Education Program Director at Salisbury University. He has created a lot of book chapters and articles on the promotion of mindfulness, well-being, exercise motivation and online learning.