Carl Irvin


I joined Unilever in the UK in 1979 as a Technical Management Trainee with Lever Brothers Ltd at their Port Sunlight factory. I spent the next nine years working at Port Sunlight variously as Technical Assistant, Detergent Powders Division, Site Safety and Environmental Manager, Soapmaking/Oils & Fats Manager, Soap Operations Manager and finally, Liquids Operations Manager. In September 1988 I moved to the Netherlands as Section Manager, Powders Processing and Packaging in the Lever Development Centre based in the Vlaardingen Research Laboratory. I then spent the next two and a half years trying to become a European and a politician, being involved in the difficult period of transition which saw the formation of Lever Europe and gaining some understanding of the near impossible job of forming a true European Union. I escaped from Europe in 1991 to become Technical Director of Lever Brothers Ghana Ltd. This was a major change in my life and the next three years was a period of challenge, extremely hard work and tremendous reward, working with the most friendly and welcoming group of people I have met anywhere in the World. I returned to Europe in 1994 as Head of the Manufacturing Application Group (MAG) for Personal Products based in the Port Sunlight Research Laboratory where the politics started again! Sadly, this rewarding role disappeared with the formation of Home and Personal Care-MAG in September 1997 and I then became responsible for Liquids Technology within this new Group. At the beginning of August 1998, I returned to the Netherlands as a member of the Supply Chain Team in the Central and Eastern Europe Business Group. Unfortunately, this business group was closed down in Unilever s major restructuring of 2001 and I was made redundant in 2002. I then spent a year in France in the beautiful Rhone Valley working for a family business there. Unfortunately, I fell out with the family when they failed to deliver on some promises that they had made to me when I joined them and so I left and returned to the UK in September 2003. I now work part-time as a management consultant specialising in Manufacturing and Supply Chain. I am 50 years old, married and have a beautiful 9-year old daughter who helps to maintain my sanity in this crazy World that we all now live in. My hobbies are classical music and good wine and food. Travel used to be on this list but going through airports these days is such a pain in the neck I avoid it wherever possible.

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