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I founded Strong Illumination Arts with specific intentions in mind, I desire to offer a stage for the creation of a community which will steward, mentor, and represent all who wish to express their creative urge. I am a self-employed Artist, Author, Poet, Social Media Consultant, Promoter of Artists in all fields of creative expression. Editor, Publisher, Graphic Artist, Fine arts, Children's Book Illustrator and Author. II believe with all of my professional and personal conviction that all we do has a two fold purpose. The impetus of our work is always communicably distributable in revealing the beauty and spirit of self-expression, which lies at the depths of human potential. It should remain alive through the practice and performance of all the arts as society moves us further away from humanism. In supporting and actualizing this belief daily, through my work, I am privileged to assist others in the practical application of their gifts. We all have a unique and powerful expression to add to the conversation of life. Mutual respect and consideration of each other's dreams is what actualizes the greater good for ourselves now and the children of tomorrow.

Education is the basis from which monetary security is attained in our world today. For artist this is especially challenging. Many gifted artists will not pursue sharing their work because of shyness, their lack of other social skills, social status, or lack or venue. The availability of education, passion, and compassion is what creates great communities. I for one would like to see this in practice in all fields of artistic expression. To this means, I shall forge a brave new pathway through which an acceptance and higher understanding can become daily proficience. This is my reason, my mission, my drive behind Strong Illumination Arts. Come and join us will you ?

Strong Illumination Arts

Work experience

Apr 2010Present

Founder and Creator

Strong Illumination Arts
  • Jewelry Designer Sterling  Silver including Semi Precious Gemstones
  • Graphic and Visual Artist 
  • Chandler Sole Creator and Producer of Signature Line of Candles
  • Merchandising Designer for Jewelry and Candle Lines
  • Sales Wholesale and Retail by Phone, Social Media, and at Trade Shows
  • Author Poetry, Celtic Faery, Herbal Books. 
  • Editing Manuscripts, Publishing, Social Media and Web Hosting for Authors.
  • Raise Funds for Charities and Support the Arts and artists in all ways possible
  • Specialty in Creating Spiritual Pathways for artists and those who desire yet feel held back from Expressing their Authentic Voice.




Jewelry Designer, Graphic Artist, Chandler, Author, Creative Writer, Sales and Social Media

Raventree Pewter
  • Jewelry Designer, in both Pewter and Sterling  Silver including Semi Precious Gemstones
  • Graphic and Visual Artist
  •  Chandler Creator and Producer of Signature Candle Line
  • White Smith's Assistant - Product Finishing and Packaging
  • Co-Merchandising Designer for Jewelry, Candle , and Herbal Product Lines
  • Sales Personnel for Wholesale and Retail by Phone , Social Media, Trade Shows, In Store Scheduled Appointments, Deliveries, and Sales Visits
  • Sales person for Wholesale and Retail by Phone , Social Media, Trade Shows, In Store Scheduled Appointments Deliveries and Sales Visits
  • Traveled with Owner for 3.5 years working established route for sales
  • Author of Complimentary Books, Spiritual Self Help Kits, and Healing Supplies. 



GED High School

Illinois Central College

My education was a great disappointment for me. I was under stimulated and found myself in a place where I could not relate.  Leaving school was the best thing I could do to save my artistic mind and spiritual expression. All paths in life have their unique considerations. Looking back, I chose the only avenue I could have given ,my circumstances. I believe education is vital and strongly support everyone regardless of age or social standing gaining a healthy well rounded course of academic knowledge, utilities, practical applications, and the arts as well. 

Work of the Author