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Informazioni Personali


Corso Bernardino Telesio 55, 10146, Torino, Italia


 +39 346 2248558 


+372 56069627 



 [email protected]





Date of Birth


Work History

Aug. 2016Oct. 2016

Italian Language Assistant and Teacher

Internship at Tallinn Univeristy - Estonia

Language support in the seminars and classes of italian  Language (level A1 - B1). The seminars are held by Daniele Monticelli (professor of italian culture) and Kristiina Rebane (lecturer of italian language). Teacher of italian language in the seminar "Italian Literature and Cinema" addressed to all the students who are willing to learn more about italian culture while studying masterpieces of the literature of the XX and XXI centuries.

Aug. 2015Feb. 2016

Italian Language Assistant

Tallinn University - Estonia

Language support in the seminars and classes of italian  Language (level A1). The seminars were held by Kristiina Rebane (lecturer of italian language). All the classes were led following a communicative approach, letting the students express themselves, being supported by the competence of the lecturer and the native italian speaker.

Mar. 2015Jun. 2015

Teacher of Italian Language

Internship by ASAI association, Torino - Italy

Voluntary work consisting in literacy teaching and italian language teaching to refugees and asylum seekers. The activities were conducted by professional teachers and interns who had the role of supporting the classes, while helping one to one the students. During the internship I also took part in a special project called "tabula" that consisted in literacy teaching by using tablets and other technological devices.


Sep 2014Present

Master Degree in Comparative Cultures

Università degli Studi di Torino

The Master in Comparative Cultures gives the student the chance to face and study different aspects that are all part of the humanities' field. In particular, my program regarded the study of italian linguistic. My master's thesis, about Teaching the opposition Imperfetto/Passato Prossimo in Italian SL, was imagined for a further analysis and study to develop deeper in a PhD course program.

Graduation: November 2016

Aug 2015Jan 2016

Erasmus + 

Tallinn Uiversity (Tallinna Ülikool) - Estonia

Semester abroad spent at Tallinn University, Department of Romance languages, in the School of Humanities.

Sep 2010Mar 2014

Bachelor Degree in Humanities

Università degli Studi di Torino

My study program was named "Linguistic Curriculum" to indicate the particular attention of the Bachelor's study program on linguistic studies. My bachelor's thesis was focused on the last short stories of Luigi Pirandello and in particular was interested in the style, the language and figures of speech of the author.

Score: 101/110



May 2016Present

C1 level - English

OLS - Online Linguistic Support, Erasmus+
Dec 2014Present

B2 level - English 

IELTS - International English Language Testing System

Score: 6.5 

Competenze e Capacità


Livello B2 certificato


Livello B1


Livello A2

Artistic Proficiency

Loving literatures, languages and books in general made me also love writing.

My past in the ballet helped me in finding my own way of time organization, giving me the chance to develop both the artistic passion and the studies.

Organizational Proficiency

Great ability in timing organization, due to the need of combine the daily dedication to the ballet and the studies.

Inclination in working in big or small teams, due to previous personal activities of studies and interests. 

Good ability in managing the work of small work groups. 


I am interested in cinema, books, literature and foreign languages.

Driving Licence

B - car and motorcycle