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Sep 2007Present

Communication Studies

West Virginia University

I will be graduating in May, 2012 with my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies.

Work experience

West Virginia Division of Highways

I was accepted to work with the Division of Highways after my first year in college. They offer a program for students to work with the department over their summer break. I was not only chosen for the job over many applicants the first summer, but I was also asked to come work there again the next summer. I was offered a higher pay along with more responsibilities.

May 2008Present


Stray Cate Cafe

I have been working as a waitress at the Stray Cat Cafe for nearly four years now. I have earned a raise since starting my position. Throughout my entire time working at The Stray Cat Cafe I have also attended West Virginia University as a full-time student.

Background and Accomplishments


I have created this page to illustrate my skills. I would like to invite you to look through my accomplishments and different skills that I have achieved over the years. Things you will be able to view are my educational background, work experience, volunteer work, my resume, and samples of my professional work. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy my work.

Volunteer Work

I have worked with numerous volunteer groups over the past few years. This is a sample of my work done with those groups.

Relay For Life: I recently helped raised over $20,000 dollars for the charity over the summer with the help of my friends. Our group alone met these numbers. We did raffles to earn money, silent auctions, and arranged a night at the restaurant I work at to donate a percentage of sales for the day.

Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club: I also helped to raise money for the Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club. This took more creativity because it was a time of the year that was hard to get people and businesses to donate. I worked with a group of five other individuals and we presented an alternative offer to potential donors. We asked that if they could not donate money, if there was anything else that could be donated. What could not be used at the Mountaineer Boys and Girls Club, we auctioned for money to go towards the organization.

Kaleidoscope: Kaleidoscope is an after school program that is offered at various schools in the Morgantown, West Virginia area. Students report there directly after school and the program last three hours. During this time, I paired with other individuals in numerous learning activities. Daily activities including exercise time, study group, homework help, and reading. There were also days when Spanish and CPR was taught to the students.

Moorefield Elementary School Summer Program: This is a program that is offered in my hometown for students to stay educationally active during the summer. I joined the efforts of professional educators to help students continue to learn even in the off months of school. The program also helped if students needed extra help in a particular subject. This was an effective program to help students if they had previously fell behind in the school year. They are able to catch up and start the school year off on a good foot.

Milan Puskar Health Right: Health Right is a program that helps those that are not able to afford proper health care. They mentor them on ways to stay healthy and provide the best care possible for little to no cost. The agency's goal is to insure that health care is available for everyone and that there is also health education in play for them as well.