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Photography has always been one of my most pationate interests. During high school I had the opportunity to process and develope my own photographs and since then I have dreamt of one day becoming a professional photographer.

However, I also have a passion for accounting. I know it sounds weird but I like the challenge of crunching numbers and I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction I get from the task.


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My name is Caren Cassel and I am currently pursuing a business degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I have 3 years of work experience most of which has been in the food service industry.

Nine years ago I inspired my sister to start her own business making mums for footballs homecoming season and I continue to help her while I attend the university.

I come from a small town where most people know one another and being part of a family of five has taught me to be tolerant of other people’s opinions and beliefs. Living with four siblings taught me more than tolerance it taught me the benefits of respecting others and how to address problems rationally. Due to the size of my family I find it easy to be a people person and love to laugh and have fun though work comes before fun.

Paying for college was my only concern after graduating from high school, because my mother, being single and disabled, was unable to help me with the cost of tuition.

My goal after graduation is to find a career that keeps my interest and challenges my knowledge.

I am a self-motivated individual and believe I prove that by paying for my own secondary education regardless of the difficulties I face. When faced with a problem I take a second to look at the big picture, address the problem and work to find an efficient solution.

Working with my sister for nine years proves that I am willing to see a project through to the end and once a project has reached that end I like to take pride in a job well done.

I have always taken pride in my work and I work to the best of my ability, if unable to solve a problem then I have no problem with asking others who may know more about the issue for ideas. I like to use others as sounding boards to get feedback on my ideas; you never know when you might find a good idea by tossing some back and forth with others.

Taking the time to listen to others has always been one of my best abilities, for when you listen to others opinions only then can you truly find a middle ground and the most effective compromise.



Basic knowledge of accounting principles.
Proficient in typing and proofreading.

Working with my Sister


Work experience

Dec 2008Present

Pizza Chef

The House of Pizza
May 2008Sep 2008


St Charles Food Service Employment, Inc.

§Following a recipe precisely to ensure product quality.

§Produce quality bread that is the foundation for the menu items.

Sep 2006Dec 2007

Pizza Chef

§Food preparation and production

§New employee training

§Nightly closing procedures



Microsoft Office Specialist