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Career Objective

I am currently looking for growth opportunities in education and community-building.

Professional Experience

2005 - 2009 / 2012 - 2013


Mater Christi School
  • Handled various levels, including Nursery, Senior Kinder, Grade 2 and Grade 3
  • Designed the curriculum, prepared a weekly lesson plans and implemented lessons using both traditional and progressive approaches
  • Accomplished assessment procedures and prepared progress report cards and individual portfoliosfor each child every quarter
  • Authored a narrative report for each child at the end of each quarter Conducted summer reading classes for both younger and older children


John Dewey School for Children
  • Handled the beginner nursery level
  • Designed activities using the integrated core curriculum
  • At end of the term, accomplished assessment procedures ad prepared progress report cards, which included narrative reports

Junior Facilitator

Torch of Life Learning Center
  • Handled both beginner and senior nursery levels
  • Used literature as a springboard for learning activities
  • Accomplished assessments, progress report cards and narratives at the end of each term

Practice Teacher

Wee Care Child Development Center
  • Handled the day care class and prepared a weekly plan of activities based on the integrated core curriculum
  • Conducted assessments and prepared report cards and narratives at end of term

Practice Teacher

University of the Philippines-Child Development Center
  • Handled the 4-year old class
  • Based daily activities on themes according to the integrated core curriculum approach, geared toward providing a conducive learning environment by focusing on the interests and needs of a child
  • Conducted assessments and prepared report cards, narratives and daily observation reports



B.S. Family Life and Child Development

University of the Philippines

Bachelor of Elementary Education (units)

University of Santo Tomas

High School

St. Mary's College, Quezon City

Volunteer Experience & Causes


Trained Breastfeeding/Lactation Peer Counsellor

Breastfeeding Pinays, Inc. (BFP)
  • Attended breastfeeding peer counsellors training conducted by Breastfeeding Pinays, Inc. and Arugaan
  • Counsels fellow mothers on the correct feeding techniques and best practices, as well as the benefits of breastfeeding and proper nutrition for mothers and babies
  • Currently helps manage relevant digital communities