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Car Data is a vehicle reimbursement solutions company based in Amherst, New York. Founded in 1999, the mission of Car Data is to help corporations make informed decisions related to vehicle reimbursement options. Car Data offers the most user-friendly and efficient vehicle reimbursement programs through Platinum Service and cloud computing technology. By assisting Fortune 500 companies with the appropriate solution Car Data provides detailed information about all aspects of vehicle reimbursement programs with a focus on innovation and IRS compliant tailored solutions. For corporations, the result of a well-implemented vehicle reimbursement program fosters the reduction of a company’s annual spend on total business vehicle expenses, the reduction of risk exposure, and streamlined reimbursements. Car Data’s team of experts work with companies in Canada and the United States to provide tailored vehicle reimbursement solutions that align with company culture and budgetary goals.

CarDATA Consultants
3380 Sheridan Drive #264
Buffalo, NY 14226