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Work experience


Materials Management Flight Commander

USAF, Nellis AFB
  • Currently in Senior Leadership role for 650 team members, implementing vision/mission while translating goals and setting benchmarks for accountability.
  • Drove efficiencies and new processes while managing multi-million dollar budgets and resources that are part of a $1B enterprise.
  • Led another successful project between several disparate teams to increase the inventory accuracy from 94% to 98%. Execution consisted of smart supply chain and resource management.
  • Led complete overhaul of an underperforming team, driving immediate changes of focus and responsibilities - theseincluded quality assurance steps, reports, operational changes, and round table discussions to drive team feedback and resolution.
  • Heralded as #1 Manager by executive leadership.

Chief of Logistics

USAF, North American Aerospace Defense Command Winnipeg
  • Solely responsible for building a 3-year project including systems, budgets, and resources across 10+ teams in 2 countries (4,000 personnel) to bring floundering disaster readiness/recovery project to 100% efficiency; attained high marks with 7 best practice ratings in the first 9 months.
  • Led the logistical operation to move 8 aircraft and 57,000 lbs of equipment to Libya in support of evacuation operations.
  • Functional logistics expert for strategic plans and operating locations for the Joint Crisis Action Team.
  • Primary logistics coordinator for the Combined Aerospace Operations Center senior leadership

Officer in Charge, Plans & Integration

  • Planned and executed all implementation actions and training for over 3,000 people.
  • Oversaw the effective operations of the passenger terminal, air freight, and ground transportation functions.
  • Excelled in 5 high-visibility operations; positioning 30 personnel and 84 tons of equipment to support 5 US Presidential movements.
  • Executed organization of 50 personnel/25 tons of cargo in less than 24 hours to support disaster relief operations.
  • Architected new processes for an event, cutting time and expenses by 1600 man hours annually.

Officer in Charge, Redistribution Property Assistance Team

USAF, Iraq

  • Handpicked to lead 6 month repurposing project involving several resources and 25K pieces of capital equipment, being the only leader to complete the project with zero equipment loss.
  • Selected for expertise to assist in high visibility international redistribution project – with changes affecting a $37M+ bottom line savings.
  • Implemented stock control procedures and systems achieving zero lost inventory in over 8 months; a first for this organization.

Vehicle Management Flight Commander

  • Extensive experience in Operational Leadership, operating under sharply declining budgets and meeting objectives while working with a 25% reduction in work force.
  • Successfully managed team through 75% cuts to budget with no service level decrease to organization.
  • Revamped emergency response to boost efficiency by 20% during inclement weather phases
  • Established and maintained an annual $1.4M budget for training, equipment, transportation and daily operations excluding payroll.
  • Executed the vehicle budget and procurement program, preventing vehicle reductions and improving fleet reliability by 20%.
  • First group leader to certify as Facilitator of Lean/Six Sigma; held 5 events with projected savings of over 45,000 man hours.

Officer in Charge, Air Terminal Operations

  • Engaged Lean/Six Sigma practices to slash nearly $3M from one budget.
  • Directed all planning, coordination, communication & control for passenger terminal & aircraft fleet servicing operations.
  • Tapped to help with important Assistance Fund, worked diligently to secure over $80K in contributions.