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Work experience

Dec 2013Present

Flight Operations Inspector

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority

1. Performs inspection and surveillance duties with respect to General Aviation in Tanzania.

2. Evaluates the appropriateness of the operator’s training programmes for pilots, including training facilities, equipment and simulators with respect to the aircraft being used.

3. Evaluates, for approval purposes, the training programmes / curricula offered by training organisations, including the appropriateness of facilities, equipment and training personnel.

4. Performs continuous surveillance, ramp and en route, of Tanzanian registered aircrafts as well as foreign aircrafts operating in Tanzania and reports on incidents and occurrences.

5. Prepares and conducts, and / or oversees where outsourced, the processes leading to pilot licensing, such as, preparation of examination and evaluations, including carrying out flight tests to evaluate pilot proficiency for aircraft type endorsement for check airman approval.

6. Works closely with Airworthiness, Licensing and other departments as and when required.

7. Maintains and updates own level of professional knowledge and standards.Performs duties at the satellite stations as may be assigned by the Chief Inspector Flight operations.

Dec 2011Nov 2013



Exercise Pilot In Command (P.I.C) authority and effective leadership in-order to ensure flight safety and proper coordination of flight deck and cabin crew teams.

Extensive regional and international experience in East, Central and West Africa.


Mar 2014Apr 2014

ICAO-Endorsed Government Safety Inspector Training Programme

Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)

o    Establishing and maintaining a PEL office.

o    Determining which licensing functions to obtain by outside service providers.

o    Managing a knowledge testing system.

o    Conducting the application phase of the licensing process.

o    Conducting the evaluation phase of the licensing process.

o    Conducting the demonstration phase of the licensing process: Administering knowledge tests.

o    Conducting the demonstration phase of the licensing process: Conducting FCL skill tests.

o    Conducting the demonstration phase of the licensing process: Conducting AMT skill tests.

o    Conducting the issuance phase of the licensing process: Issuing a license, letter of discontinuance, or notice of denial.

o   Issuing a validated or converted foreign license.

Nov 2004Jan 2006

Commercial Pilot License/Multi Engine/Instrument Rating

Progress Flight Academy

a. SA Aviation Regulations (SAARs) on the privileges, limitations, and flight operations of a commercial pilot.
b. Accident reporting requirements of the SA Transportation Safety Board.
c. Basic aerodynamics and principles of flight
d. Meteorology including the recognition of critical weather situations, wind shear recognition and avoidance and the use of automated weather reports and forecasts
e. Safe and efficient operation of the aircraft
f. Weight and balance calculations
g. How to use performance charts
h. Significance and the effects of exceeding aircraft performance limitations
i. Use of aeronautical charts and magnetic compass for navigation and dead reckoning
j. Use of air navigation aids
k. Aeronautical decision making
l. Principles and functions of the various aircraft systems
m. Manoeuvres, procedures, and emergency operations appropriate to the aircraft
n. Night Operations
o. High-altitude Operations
p. Operating Procedures in the National Airspace System.

Sep 2001Jun 2004



Advanced Mobile & Satellite Communications
Analogue Electronics
Antennas and Propagation
Circuits and Systems
Digital Electronics Design
Digital Electronics Fundamentals
Electronics Applications Project
Digital Design Using HDL
Digital Signal Processing
Embedded Systems
Introductory Control
Power Devices and Applications
Power Electronics and Machines
Project Management
Sensors and Actuators
Six Sigma for Business Excellence
Fundamentals of Telecommunications
Group Design Project
Introductory Mechatronics
Mobile Communications Systems
Professional Skills
Signals & Systems Theory
Technology Operations Management
Transmission Principles