Today employers are facing unprecedented complex issues in the workplace.  Difficult economic conditions, controversial employment law legislation, employee securities, and customer issues are just a fewof the concerns employers are facing which require that YOU are well informed and prepared to successfully navigate your company through what may be for some, unchartered waters.

One of the keys to this success is on-going training and development.

The following Training and Services provided by Capitol Employer Advisors ( CEA ) are designed to HELP  YOU “cost-effectively” prepare your staff to confidently and successfully manage/lead the workforce, recapture employee loyalty, improve performance and subsequently contribute to the company’s bottom-line.

On-site Training and Development

1.    Frontline Supervisory Development2.    Management Development3.    Leadership Development4.    Avoiding Sexual Harassment5.    Union Avoidance6.    Improving Communication Skills7.    Employment Laws8.    Developing Effective Interviewing Skills9.    Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals10.  Team Building11.  Sharpening Your Presentation Skills12.  Managing Change Effectively13.  Documentation, Documentation, Documentation14.  Handling Employment Terminations Effectively15.  The Human Touch

16.  Administering Corrective ActionServices Provided ( Onsite-Offsite )

1.    First Response to EEO Request for Information2.    Succession Planning & Career Development Matrix3.    Employee Guideline Book Development4.    Comprehensive Management Guideline Manual Development5.    Interviewing6.    Lunch & Learn Series7.    Labor Negotiations8.    Employee Outplacement Counseling9.    General Human Resources Support

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