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Research & Discovery


Deborah Splain, draws her imagery from events in the everyday life and the environment that surrounds us and how we make our own connections. Her work reflects her own unique style, of the painting; marrying the figurative with the abstract using mixed media to look for symbols and meanings under hidden layers of paint, paper, are added by the artist but meant for the interpretation of the viewer. 

She started as a muralist and received a grant for Women’s Art Institute Studio Intensive/ MCAD (Minnesota College of Art &Design), where she was involved with the WARM- Women Art Resources of MN) She was drawn to Sedona, after painting her surreal rock images out started showing out west at the Creative Center of Scottsdale, but soon as she states fell in love with beauty of Sedona, and now resides in the Village of Oak Creek.

The artist does commission work and donates her work to raise money for Breast Cancer Events, the Children’s Theatre, and Make a Wish foundation., and an upcoming Gala for the Sedona Humane Society. She is a lifelong artist and teacher, who plans on opening a studio in the Village, and sharing what she has learned with other through teaching art classes and taking on two protégée this spring. She is devoting herself full-time to her painting preparing 2020 Art Expo in Scottsdale.


Details to be posted on upcoming classes on this website

Art Studio      Sedona Giclee 





Artist/Painter/Mural Painting/Special Events

  Current:  Artist  Canvas Conversations  Fine Art  Fundraising/Special Event Planning:  (Please contact artist if you have an event for nonprofit) 2011  Make a Wish Foundation  Donated Artwork 2011  Women's Art Institute Funderaiser 2010   Children's Theatre  "Curtain Call Ball"  Donated Artwork 2010   Soap Factory, Minneapolis MN/ Marcy School Fundraiser Gala  Donated Artwork 2010   Breast Cancer Fundraiser/ Champlin MN  Donated Artwork 2009   Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts Silent Auction Donated Artwork   Children's Art Festival Community Activity Center Brooklyn Park and Recreation Brooklyn Park Historical Farm Special Events Seasonal Race for the Cure-Breast Cancer Special Event, Created logos, cards and participated in sales   Teaching/ Pre-K through Adult   Brooklyn Park and Rec. Brooklyn Park MN 




Inspiration for my work stems from the events of everyday life, and the environment that surrounds us; affecting who we are and how we of make our own connection. I find these connections by applying randomly and aggressively texturing  the surface of the painting. I strive to find symbols within the surface layers because as human beings we look for these connections. The intent is that I follow these symbols to imply an image of how they intertwine and connect, and interpretation is left for the viewer to contemplate. To me it is something that is ever changing; in that the response retained will invite a new perspective through a layering process.  Creating a journey through the painting itself, one thing observed will overlap and influence another from beginning to end. In that way, one function of the work is  a new look or gaze is created in each layer prompting the next. This experimentation creates a relationship to the materials and the process which formulates new connections and new thought perspectives.*

*(It is my hope to further experiment with my art in uses for thought processes, perhaps in creating new 

exercises in which this type of art could help with brain and memory functions).  

EXHIBITIONS/Shows  (Upcoming)

2019 Opening reception Feb. 7  Research & Discovery  

Location:  Canyon Mesa Country Club, Village of Oak Creek-Sedona Jan.2019-March

2018 Humane Society of Sedona Gala (see my donation)Silent Auction and Dinner Sept. 29, 2018

2018 Opening reception Nov. 3rd 2017  WARM Women's ART Resources of MN Presents "Roots and Fruits" College of  St.Catherine, St. Paul MN   Highlighting women works from from the being of the Registry til present

2016 Creative Center of Scottsdale Az

2015 Cambridge MN, Trilogy of Textures Jan. 23 - Feb. 27, 2015 Fall Fine Art Show  NEMAA - Opening  Reception Solar  Arts Building MPLS,Self Portraits Tractor works Building MPLS , 2015 Jan. 17 NKB January show Gallery 391 

2014 Fall Fine Arts Show Solar Arts Building NE Minneapolis,

2014 --40 for One Heartland   Artists Benefit NKB 3rd Floor Gallery March 28-29-30

2013  AAW Art-A-Whirl NEMAA  May 17-19  Silent Auction Kick off Meet the artist 

2013 Relocated to India for six month period

2012  Edina Art Fair June 1- June 3rd 

2012  "Where Art Thou?" Achieve Services Gala silent auction   Majestic Oaks Golf Club, Ham Lake,  MN

 2012 AAW  Art-a-Whirl  May 18, 19, 20th  Showing at:  Grain Belt  79 13th Ave. NE,

2012  Banfill-Locke Center for Arts  Group Show Jan.- Feb.  4

* Out of Country Bangalore India Relocation approx 1yr

 2011 Lowertown Artists AZ Gallery St. Paul   Dec.-2  thru Jan. 15  Opening Reception Dec.10   7-10pm

 2011 Heart of the Beast Puppet Mask Theater  Dreams of Winter Nov.28 thru Jan. 1 Opening Dec.11                    

 2011 Bethesda Hospital Group Show  (Deborah Splain, Marcie Soderman-Olson, Aug. 3 thru Oct.  2nd 

 2011 Women's Building St. Paul Show Resurfacing  Sept.-Oct.

 2011 The Women's Art Instititute Group Exhibition  July 8th-Aug. 7th  2011 MCAD Concourse Gallery

2011 Make a Wish Foundation Wish Ball Gala silent auction May 21, 2011

2011 Art-A-Whirl May 20,21,22 2011 Grain Belt Minneapolis, MN

2011 MacRostie Art Center, Grand Rapids MN "Layered Interpret tions"  opening March 4

 2011 "Temporality"  WARM Artists, Grain Belt Bottling House, MPLS opening March4 

 2011 Paul Whitney Larson Art Gallery, University of Minnesota "Hidden Details" Jan.18-Feb. 11

 2011 Special Event Women's Art Institute Scholarship Fund Benefit Sale  March 26, 2011 

Opening 3/26/11  6-9pm  Northrop King Gallery Minneapolis, MN

2010 Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts Member Show 10-16 thru 11-5

2010 Bloomington Art Center WARM Member Exhibition9/3 thru 10-8

2010 University of St. Cloud Atwood Gallery, Solo Show Research and Discovery 3/29-4/22/2010

Foot in the Door IV Mpls Institute for the Arts

2010 Art Per Chance  Mpls Institute of Arts

2009 Fall Fine Art Show NEMAA Art Quinox , Dia de los Muertos Altered Esthtics , Bloomington Art Center Members Show    

2009 Art Per Chance MPLS Institute of Arts

 AAW  Art-A-Whirl, St. Paul Art Crawl Tilsner,   Edina Art Center Members Show,  “The Struggle Within”  

Spiritual Art Show - Kolbe  Center of Pope John Paul II    

2009 Art for Breast Cancer Awareness “Race for the Cure”        

2005-2008 Brooklyn Park and Rec.Seasonal Assignments (art/special events)Children's Art Festival, BP Historical Farm, Community Activity Cntr. Spooktacular

1997 MN Zoo Mural – Children’s Underwater Sea Entryway Mural

1995-1996 University of MN, Coffman Memorial Union Mural, UndergroundConsultantTunnel area, Mural - 

1993-94 Artist in Residence, Brooklyn Park, Osseo District#279

“Celebrating Diversity” 2yr assignment Steering Committee

1991 Muddy Mo, Summer Art Festival Omaha NE;






Teacher short-call

Education MN
Mar 2014Mar 2016


Heart Saver /Save a Life MNSCU-Multi Regional Training Cntr #AHA#0407297986


National Personal Training Instuite PT Nutrition

Certification PT

Certification Nutrition

Additional Studio study MCADMn College Art &Design


Illinois State University
Aug 1978Jun 1982


IL State University


Illinois State University, Normal IL BS Comprehensive Art,MCAD studio Intensive Program

MN Department of Education. Dist . 279 para, NPTI PT Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant

Education Minnesota, Short Call Substitute Pre K-adult Lic. #569051-0001

PROFESSIONAL - (Work History)

NEMAA Member/ (    or

2008 Current  WARM Womens Art Resources of MN  Programming

NPTI National Personal Trainer Institute, Nutrition and Personal Training/ CPR

Classic Creations, owner operator commercial murals, faux painting, special event planning.1993-present

Home and Garden Show Minneapolis Convention Center 1994

Brooklyn Park and Recreation Arts (Teaching and Special Events)Community Activity Center, Brooklyn Park Historical Farm, Dist. 279 Osseo Area Schools  Para Professional  No Child Left Behind (English/Math)