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Personal Info

Birth Date         : 05.08.1989
Nationality        : Turkish




Gebze Technical University

Physics Department - Nanotechnology Institute 4.00/4.00

Bachelor of Science

Hacettepe University

Physics Engineering  2.51/4.00

High School

İstanbul Köy Hizmetleri Anatolian High School

Science - 74,14/100


I graduated from Hacettepe University. Before the graduation i completed my internship in 2 companies that working on metrology and calibration . My graduation project was about ''Using parasetamol as a dosimetric material and searching efficiency of it with the technique of Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) ''. Also i completed the course, ''spectral analysis'' , that including subjects  XRD,XRF,İnfrared&Raman Spectroscopy,ESR,NMR so that i have strong knowledge about ''spectral analysis'' in experimental and theoretical. Furthermore I have strong knowledge about these courses respectively; structure&properties of materials , solid state physics, thin film coating&applications , optics &applications and optoelectronics .

Work experience

Sept 2016Dec 2016

Qualification Engineer

ONKO&KOCSEL Pharmaceuticals
Feb 2015Sept 2016

Physics Engineer

DACKA Calibration&Consulting&Training

Pressure, Temperature&Humidity, Length,Torque,Balance Calibration

Jul 2015Aug 2015


Turkish Standarts Institute

Temperature&Humidity , Length Calibration

Apr 2008Jul 2008

Calibration Technician

MCM Calibration Laboratory

Length Calibration


Dec 2015Dec 2015

Optical Lighting - Certificate of Attendance & Success 

Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects - Physics Engineers Chamber

3 days - 24 hours

Aug 2015Sep 2015

100th anniversary of Einstein's Theory of General Relativity - Certificate of Attendance

Science Academy of Bogazici University

6 days -48 hours

Dec 2014Dec 2014

TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing andCalibration Laboratories - Certificate of Attendance

Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects

1 Day-8 Hours Training

Feb 2014Jun 2014

Practical Entrepreneurship - Certificate of Training

Republic of Turkey Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization

64 Hours

Jan 2012Jan 2012

Strain Gage Installation and Electrical Measurement of Mechanical Quantities -Certificate of Attendance

Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik

3 Days-24 Hours Training

May 2008May 2008

Temperature Calibration - Certificate of Training

Turkish Standards Institute

2 Days-16Hours Training


English   : Fluent Speaking and Writing Level
German : Elementary Level

Program Skills

MS Office   : High Level

C Programming Language : Intermediate Level 
SolidWorks : Intermediate Level
Origin Lab : Intermediate Level
OpitsWorks : Intermediate Level

Dialux : Basic Level


Spending time at seaside mostly reading books , playing basketball and table tennis , watching movies
and sport matches , fitness,  fishing and swimming in summer.


Prof. Dr. Mustafa POLAT       - Hacettepe University - polat[email protected]  -
Prof Dr. H. Zafer DURUSOY  - Manager of Nanovak ArGe Ltd. [email protected]  -
Aynur DAVUT                         - Head Researcher - Turkish Standards Institute [email protected]  -
Abdulkadir DAVUT                  - Lab Director of DACKA Calibration&Consulting&Training                                                                                    - [email protected] -   
Gunnur OGUT                        - Head of Department - HALKBANK A.Ş. - [email protected]  -