Candace Johnson

Candace Johnson


Information Technology

Hardware    Macintosh G5 platform, OSX    Skype/Webcam    FTP SiteSoftware    QuarkXpress    InDesign    Illustrator    Photoshop    Acrobat    Microsoft Office


Graphic Design    Corporate Identity and Logo Design    Advertising Campaign Conceptualization and Integration    Sales Kits and Marketing Materials    Direct Mail Campaigns    Layout and Production of Printed Materials    Packaging and Point-of-PurchaseSales and Business    Marketing and Advertising Planning    Project Management    Production Facilitation    Advertisement PlacementEnvironmental Design*    Pre-production    Hi-res production    Maps


    Original Line Art/ Icons

    3-D Lettering    Plaques    Murals

*Samples upon request.


Synergy occurs when two or more agents work together to produce an effect that is greater than the sum of the individual agents.

Candace Johnson works to achieve relationships characterized by synergy with every one of her clients. Candace partners with her clients to create longstanding relationships through communication and focus on their priorities. With over a decade of design and production experience, Candace brings knowledge and expertise to the table along with the answers to your marketing and advertising questions. Her experience with large companies to small entrepreneurs gives her a wide range of knowledge and understanding to draw upon. Her easy-going personality, focus on results, and sensitivity to clients’ pressures are much appreciated and have resulted in her longstanding relationships with these clients. Her knowledge and skill with technology allows her to work with anyone at anytime, while her commitment to learning and improvement keeps her on the forefront of new trends.

Past clients have commented positively on Candace's professionalism, creativity, and organization skills. Her focus is relieving your stress, not adding to it!


Candace Johnson has been involved in advertising and design since the mid 90s. After graduating from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelor in Fine Arts, Candace began her career as an in-house designer for a large benefits consulting company. Her work there included production of slides and overheads for employee communication presentations as well as printed informational materials used to educate employees about their benefits. In addition to designing an overall theme for these materials, Candace ensured design consistency was carried through the various multi-page booklets, posters, newsletters, brochures, and other promotional pieces. During this time, Candace became skilled at meeting deadlines and managing printers and other vendors. Candace began working as an in-house designer for an international casino hotel company after relocating to the Atlantic City area. Her skills as a designer were further refined as she designed invitations to player events and parties along with advertisements, and both small and large promotional pieces. Work in the gaming industry is notoriously fast-paced and change is a regular occurrence. In that environment, Candace’s excellent design work blended well with her growing administrative skills. She honed her talent for bringing projects in on time and under budget while juggling multiple projects as well as managing printers and vendors on a regular basis. Candace was caught up in corporate cutbacks and was laid off like many people in the late 90s. As many people discover, she found that – while scary at first – being laid off was really a blessing in disguise. Candace used her existing contacts to take advantage of the opportunity she was given to begin her own design studio.Candace’s drive to learn and improve as an artist permeates her entire life. While she’s always on the look out for new trends, new techniques, and new technology, she’s much more than a “typical designer” whose focus can be very narrow and only on the creative side of a project. Candace is driven to partner with her clients, to uncover their goals, and to apply her expertise to solve the client’s problem by applying the best design strategy to the task at hand. It’s talent that’s balanced with business sense and delivers solid results for her clients.Candace’s easy-going personality, focus on results, and sensitivity to clients’ pressures are much appreciated and have resulted in her long standing relationships with organizations in and outside her home state. Her drive to stay on top of the latest technology has allowed her to serve clients no matter where they are. Candace’s award-winning work with solo-preneurs, individual, architects, casinos, small, and large businesses, and other industry segments has driven clients to achieve their goals of creating a distinct brand identity, increasing market share, and improving revenue and overall business growth. Whether designing an invitation to an event or an ad campaign, Candace gives every project the same level of care, creativity, and passion. In short, she uses her talents to enable organizations to achieve their objectives.

Client Testimonials

“I have worked with Candace Johnson for nearly eight years, and could not recommend her talents more highly. She has met every challenge that I have thrown her way, and done so with patient good cheer, and a dogged work ethic that is extraordinary. I have a small staff and a harried schedule. Candace is organized, neat, punctual and always up to date. Her work is always delivered before deadline and she is willing to make as many revisions as the client demands with good-natured affability. Her work is crisp and clean and clever. She is flexible and agreeable to suggestions, and just an all around pleasure to work with. All of that explains why we continue to work closely together even though she has moved to another state. In short, Candace is just terrific and I am very happy to work with her and will continue to do so.”   – Mary Joyce Perskie,

      Vice President for Marketing   

      and Business Development      Bacharach Institute for

      Rehabilitation“Candace Johnson delivered responsive, professional service while providing ARAD, LLC. design services. Candace offered creative options and recommendations that made the project go smoothly and quickly. The final product was exactly what I wanted. Candace was a pleasure to work with.”     – Richard DeStefano,

      Owner, ARAD, LLC.“Candace Johnson’s talents and commitment to priority projects and tight deadlines were some of my greatest assets as Director of Advertising. Her creative talent and ‘out of the box’ thinking helped differentiate brands and foster growth for targeted areas. Meeting deadlines and attention to detail are also professional qualities that Candace fosters. If you live by the saying that ‘The good ones make it look easy,’ then you’ll say that Candace truly makes it look easy. Working with Candace is definitely one of the best ROI decisions a creative and strategic manager can make.”   – Linda Pukenas,

      GMAC Mortgage“Candace Johnson of Synergy Design Studio is our “go to” designer. She is an extension of our in-house team, allowing us to meet our deadlines and coordinate our many projects with ease. Candace is a genuine pleasure to work with:  easy-going, organized, creative and dedicated to giving us her best. We work so well together that it’s like having her right in the office.”      – Grace Hutton,

      Director of Graphic Services, 

      Maltbie, Inc.“Candace is a rarity among designers. She’s a natural when it comes to managing the production end of things (no matter how large or complicated the job) and the creative end – always giving us imaginative designs that are wonderful. Dealing with Candace is a pleasure from start to finish and is a big part of why we’ve enjoyed and developed a long term relationship.”   – Chanda Lawrence,

      Graphics Coordinator,

      Maltbie, Inc.“Candace is an absolute joy to work with! She takes great care to be clear about the project, your goals, and your focus prior to even beginning the design process. This step may take time up front but it saves a great deal in the long run, because she just nails the job. She is incredibly easy-going and just a pleasure to deal with. I can't recommend her enough for anyone who wants to work with a professional who is excellent at her job, dedicated to giving clients the best, and just plain fun to work with.   – Winnie Anderson,

      Harrington Consulting