A superior provider of medical imaging services based in Lower Manhattan, Canal Radiology has expanded its diagnostic services to include pre-surgical dental CT scans. An important tool for eliminating unseen problems during oral surgery, the dental CT scan results provided by Canal Radiology are available on a same-day basis.A powerful diagnostic tool for patients receiving dental implants, a Canal Radiology dental CT scan can help create the ideal smile. At Canal Radiology, dental CT scans help dentists and oral surgeons to determine the precise location for an implant, the proper depth for the support post, and the correct angle to insert the implant, resulting in a natural-looking smile. Additionally, the use of dental CT scans can prevent pain during surgery and promote recovery through the identification of nerve locations and by making certain there is adequate bone mass to support prosthetics. Canal Radiology incorporates SimPlant, the most popular software program for transferring CT data into an interactive, 3D image. Working with a patient’s dentist, Canal Radiology can format a dental CT scan for panoramic, cross-sectional, and axial images. Using state-of-the-art 16-slice computer tomography (CT), Canal Radiology creates highly accurate images in seconds. The dental CT scans produced by Canal Radiology expose patients to less radiation than a traditional, full-mouth X-ray at the dentist’s office. At Canal Radiology, dental CT scans require minimal preparation and time. Completing the process in seconds, the experts at Canal Radiology ensure patients are comfortable and at ease during the procedure. Visit the professionals at Canal Radiology for exceptional dental services.

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