When Dr. Rafeek Mikhail founded CaMu Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. in 2006, he envisioned a firm that provides intuitive, diligent, comprehensive support and guidance. Dr. Rafeek Mikhail designed CaMu Financial to offer clients the kind of customer service and industry advice that he wants his own family to receive. He believes that this service is marked, in part, by personal dedication: the financial advisor who helps guide an individual’s retirement funds takes responsibility for a client’s future livelihood.

CaMu Financial strives to ensure that this income remains available, dependable, and sustainable throughout each client’s life. Following the insights of the founder, CaMu Financial’s team understands that balancing current income and estate taxes becomes an integral part of seeking to ensure a strong financial position for the future. Through many strategies and financial services products, CaMu Financial’s staff often works toward safeguarding retirement funds without incurring income tax liability on behalf of a client.

To learn about these approaches, clients may visit CaMu Financial in the firm’s offices in Santa Clarita, California. As the ongoing Chief Executive Officer and owner of CaMu Financial, Dr. Rafeek Mikhail also strives to create another legacy: a family-aware practice that supports each client, as well as his or her children. Dr. Rafeek Mikhail believes that children should have access to a savings account, so they can begin to take charge of their financial affairs while learning how to create a sustainable economic position for themselves.

CaMu Financial outfits patrons’ children with their own accounts and strives to protect the funds from income taxes. Generally, CaMu Financial’s flexible accounts for young people allow account holders to withdraw funds in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Dr.Rafeek Mikhail serve as the chairman of the educational department of the society of certified retirement financial adviser. Dr. Rafeek Mikhail & CaMu Financial conducting mentoring classes nationwide for financial advisers & insurance agent on the behalf of some of the biggest financial & insurance marketing organizations about how manage your business ethically & how you handle your client savings.