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In the region of Central Ontario resides a quaint and charming area of small lakes, surrounded by forest of lush backcountry. This is the region of Halliburton Highlands. Nuzzled on a private lake in Halliburton Highlands is Camp White Pine. Camp White Pine is a fun and exciting summer camp for boys and girls from throughout the world. Joe Kronick founded this wonderful retreat in 1956.

Joe Kronick had a vision and by converting a former fishing lodge into one of the most premiere summer camps in Canada, he certainly saw that vision through. His first summer he started out with only 165 campers and from that summer forth, the legend of Camp White Pine grew. Joe had a keen sense of community, a background in social work and with the vital pulse of hard work and dedication, his Camp White Pine stands as a testament of goodwill and building upon a dream.

Camp White Pine
40 Lawrence Avenue West
Toronto, ON M5M 1A4
Phone: (416) 322-6250