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# Start-up and direction of industrial plant operations

# Participation in the Steering Committee aimed at turning around and restructuring business activities # Project involving the physical transfer of a large-sized business unit and adaptation of processes, using such management tools as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing

# Direct management over the production, quality, industrial engineering,, maintenance, procurement, human resources and controllership management teams

# Procurement negotiations and management of direct and indirect materials and services in the domestic and international markets, with an annual budget of R$ 2.5 billion

# Implementation of the organizational structure work model in the Supply Chain area, focusing on reducing costs

# Creation of an electronic communication channel with the supplier base, for purposes of tracking orders, checking quality indicators and accounts payable status

Work experience

Jan 2005Present

Procurement Director for Latin America

Procurement General Manager for Latin America May/01 - May/05

Procurement Manager (Washers / Dishwashers)Aug/98 - May/01

Managed an annual budget of R$ 2.5 billion in direct/indirect materials and services, heading a team of 10 Managers and 100 employees.

Implemented the Component Value Team (CVT) work model, having obtained greater autonomy in validating alternative specifications, potentializing and leveraging cost reductions of parts purchased. Introduced and consolidated the dual sourcing policy, potentialized by the component and raw material importing strategy. Expanded global contracts with suppliers in various regions. Developed and negotiated with vendors of outsourced activities.

Established contracts with suppliers for reimbursing the cost for non-quality of components and raw materials.

Created and implemented an e-procurement negotiation and communication channel (ISM - Integrated Suppliers Management / e-sourcing) with suppliers, allowing to check orders, quality indicator s and accounts payable status, as well as the e-contract, e-RFI, e-RFP and e-Auction channels.

Obtained a 10-day increase in payment terms each year through agreements with banks and suppliers for purposes of managing receivables.

Sep 2011Present

Procurement General Director

Semp Toshiba

Semp ToshibaSet11 to present

Procurement General Director

Semp Toshiba was founded in 1942 and engages in the production and sale of electronics, electrical components, and household appliances. Its product portfolio includes television sets; digital versatile disc players; video cassettes; radio clocks; radio recording, mini systems; home theaters; wireless telephones; notebooks, desktops, digital servers, duplicating machines, cameras, projectors, and commercial automation products.

Responsible for the whole Procurement operation, managing an annual budget of R$1.1 billion in direct/indirect materials and services, heading a team of 2 directors/4 managers and 25 employees, reporting to the President of the company.

Dec 2008Jan 2011

Managing Director

Managing Director at Ferplast 

Automotive industry

December 2008 – January 2011  

Ferplast, 500 employee company and R$100 million revenues, is recognized by its strong capability in product design, tooling design/execution, as well as injection of plastic engineering components and complete subassembled/assembled solutions provider to automotive and appliances segments, among others. Was responsible forthe company direction, strategy and financial results, reporting to a family council .

Jan 2007Sep 2008

Manufacturing Director (Washers/Dishwashers/Ranges)

Manufacturing General Manager (Washers / Dishwashers / Ranges) Jan/07 - Set/08

Was responsible for manufacturing operations, managing an annual budget of R$ 106 million and a production volume of approximately 3 million products, generating annual revenues of R$ 1.7 billion (accounting for 35% of the company’s revenues in Brazil) with 3,800 employees.

Restructured and directed production, planning, quality, industrial engineering,, maintenance, procurement, human resources and controllership management teams.

Headed the start-up operation of the range Production facility in Rio Claro, having participated in everything from closing down the São Paulo plant,. Transferring production, adapting processes and methodologies , to restructuring production support areas and contracting and training personnel.

Participated in the definition and renewal of the product portfolio, making viable and implementing production processes compatible with the growing cost challenge, which included everything from using Method Time Measurement (MTM), Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing methodologies, to the development of tooling in Brazil and China.

Implemented the Hourly Wage Earner Career Plan, trained and professionalized roughly 1,700 employees for working on critical production processes.

Lead investment projects focusing on increasing production capacity and verticalization of plastics injection, metallic stamping and tube/pipe curving processes, so as to help reduce costs.

Was responsible for relations with local government authorities, negotiating trades in exchange for investments in expanding production and improving infrastructure.

May 2005Jan 2007

Manufacturing Director (Ranges)

 Manufacturing General Manager (Ranges Production Unit) May/05 - Jan/07

Was responsible for the manufacturing operation that involved a R$ 34 million annual budget and production of 850 thousand products that generated annual sales of R$ 500 million and accounted for 15% of the company’s revenues. Implemented Lean Manufacturing concepts that increased productivity, reduced inventories and improved product quality.

Planned and executed the gradual organizational structure reduction program, aimed at reducing the employee dismissal impact when closing down production unit activities. Maintained close ties with labor unions, which provided for a collaborative climate for negotiations. Defined processes referent to transfers, Indemnified Dismissal Program and the outplacement of employees. Doubled production volume, creating a strategic inventory of products for the Production Transfer Project from São Paulo to the Rio Claro plant.

Jan 1992Aug 1998

Procurement Division Manager

Groupe SEB

Procurement Division Manager 1992-1998

Was responsible for an annual budget of R$ 400 million in direct/indirect materials and services, heading a team of 5 Managers and 42 employees.


Assembly Process Engineering Manager

Groupe SEB

Tooling Manager

Groupe SEB

Manufacturing Process Engineering Manager

Groupe SEB

Product Engineering Manager

Groupe SEB

Quality Assurance Manager

Groupe SEB

Engineering Intern

Groupe SEB


Jan 2005Dec 2006


FVG - Fundação Getúlio Vargas
Jan 1982Dec 1984


FGV - Fundação Getúlio Vargas
Jan 1976Dec 1980


FAAP - Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado