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Employment History - detailed

Company:Sales For Hire Limited (Auckland, New Zealand)

Type of business:Business Consulting

Position:Sales & Business Consultant

Dates: November 2006 to January 2009 (click here for document)

Company:Innovative Energies Ltd. (Auckland, New Zealand)

Type of business:Power Electronics

Position:                                Business Development / Sales Manager

Dates: September 2005 to October 2006 (click here for document)

Company:Audio Trax Productions (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Type of business:Audio Productions

Position:General Manager

Dates: June 2001 to May 2005 (click here for document)

Company:Atraxis Africa (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Type of business:IT Systems for the airline industry

Position:Key Account Manager

Date:January 2000 to March 2001(click here for document)

Company:Opsis Visual Management (Pty) Ltd (Cape Town)

Type of business:CCTV Security Solutions

Position:Key Account Manager

Date:July 1998 to March 1999(click here for document)

Company:Lindsay Saker Motors (Pty) Ltd (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Type of business:Fleet Sales of new Volkswagen and Audi vehicles.

Position:Fleet sales Executive

Date:January 1995 to June 1998 (click here for document)

Company:Bowthorpe Hellermann Deutsche Ltd (Johannesburg)

Type of business:Electrical Accessories

Position:Business Development

Date:April 1991 to November 1994 (click here for document)

Company:Degussa (Pty) Ltd. (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Type of business:Precious metals in semi-finished forms

Position:Business Development

Date:April 1986 to March 1991 (click here for document)

Company:Photra (Pty) Ltd. (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Type of business:Drawing office equipment and supplies

Position:Sales Representative

Date:January 1985 to May 1986 (click here for document)

Company:Chubb Alarms (Pty) Limited (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Type of business:Electronic Security Systems

Position:Service Engineer then Sales Representative

Date:January 1981 to May 1984 (click here for document)

Company:Smiths Alarms Limited (Dundee, Scotland)

Type of business:Electronic security

Position:Installation / Service Engineer

Date:1978 – 1980 (click here for document)



1st July 2009

My objective is to offer further detail to parties that have already received my CV and assist you to make the choice in considering the asset value that I offer potential employers and the reasons why I should be seriously considered as a candidate.

There is a series of documents available here offering detail pertaining to the particular roles I have held and offers detail of any particular skills and experience I have acquired.

We have recently returned to Scotland and have settled in stunning Dunning.

What information is available:

  • Employment history - a document is available for each of my employers
  • Audio presentations - audio presentation and project examples
  • References 
  • Education certificates
  • Police clearances

I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.



Audio Presentations and Project Examples

Samples of audio presentations:

These were projects that I was responsible for during my period with Audio Trax Productions and are good examples of my abilities and dedication to create high value project presentations.

The track samples of the pitch to Johnson & Johnson Africa (Pty) Ltd was an initiative that I was driving and although was not successful with J & J the project was accepted by Nestlé Africa.

The voice used in all these tracks (except J & J Track 4) is my voice that was used for the presentation pitch to J & J and Nestlé Africa.

The concept of presenting an audio presentation to prospective clients and required high level pre-qualification as audio presentations such as this sample is very time consuming and therefore an investment into the presentation. It is really – going the extra mile.

The sample track of Standard Bank was also my project responsibility and was very involved not only in the award of the contract but also the concept, theme and content design.

I wrote the scripts and the underscores for these tracks and these were written specifically for the projects. I believe this offers a good example of my creativity capabilities and in the case of the J & J pitch, the capability to put together a very strong and creative presentation which was very well received by prospective clients.

It is also a good example of my effort levels, commitment and abilities to prepare such a presentation. The J & J pitch was presented to senior executives by means of a 6 track audio presentation that ran for 18 minutes. These tracks also offer an example of the structure and preparation that was put into a presentation for a potential contract / project. There was a lot of effort that went into the presentation preparation which was necessary due to the new concept of the proposed project.

Sample track index:

  1. J & J Presentation – Introduction to proposal (click here to listen)
  1. J & J Presentation – Background (click here to listen)
  1. J & J Presentation – Content (click here to listen)
  1. J & J Presentation – Demonstration of production for (click here to listen)
  1. J & J Presentation – Production (click here to listen)
  1. J & J Presentation – Target Market (click here to listen)
  1. Standard Bank – Horizon project – Jingle for radio -template (click here to listen)