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Who am I?

I seek to engage children and adults in learning through 21st Century Skills. 

I have a personal desire to learn and continually improve with a focus on the means.

I take serious care in decisions with careful anticipation of obstacles.

I search for reasons and causes, weighing all factors that may affect a situation.

I deal with problems by facilitating teams to identify shortcomings and resolve them with consensus.

I work hard with stamina to persist in producing results.

District Leadership

Collective Bargaining Committee

  • Representing Building Administration in current negotiations between the board and the teacher's union

Website Communication Committee

  • Leading diverse team to selection of new website design
  • Designed Request for Quotation for vendor information
  • Arranged for Vendor presentations and developed a selection process
  • Negotiating contract and developing corresponding board reports

Safe Drinking Water Program

  • Developed a comprehensive water sampling program to sample drinking water at drinking fountains and sinks 
  • Reported the results to the board and identified next steps

Teacher Evaluation

District Summer School

  • On-site Administrator
  • Plan and prepare board report and registration communications
  • Coordinate staff and student placement for ELL, ESY, Blended Learning, and Enrichment Programs

Curricular Leadership

Staff Development

Parent Leadership

  • Developing the #csmstigers hastag for tagging pictures and topics that are promoting and building the story of our school.
  • Developing Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts for engaging parents, students, & other community members.
  • Developing Parent Education Development presentations on topics such as:  “Routines for Children at Home”, "Growth Mindset", & "Effective Effort"
  • Building strong Parent/Teacher relationships with Curriculum Night Script & Sandburg Pride Orange Cards.
  • Co-Chair the district's Behavior Intervention Committee & Parent Educaiton

Student Leadership

  • Communicate with Student Lunch Leaders in a Google Classroom Discussion Group.
  • Use The Reid Technique when interviewing students.
  • Reduce the numbers of student tardies and maintaining a high Average Daily Attendance each year.
  • Reduce the number of classroom disruptions by training, supporting and collaborating with staff in effective classroom management & engagement strategies
  • Develop strong parent/student supports for re-entry of suspended students to reduce recidivism and increase behavior awareness.

Community Leadership

  • Mundelein STAND-UP Task Force to build a safe and sober community.
  • Mundelein After School Coalition provides alternate student activities cooperative efforts of Mundelein Police & Mundelein High School.
  • Lake County YES Coalition to strengthen the county’s efforts against underage drinking and drug use through analysis of IYS data  


Jan 2015May 2018

Ed. D.

Concordia University-Chicago

Educational Leadership Program.

My Dissertation Title is: Comparative Analysis of Competency Based versus Traditional Based Instruction and Assessment using Narrative Feedback Strategies

Work experience


Don Angelaccio, Superintendent, Prospect Heights District 23


[email protected]


June 2015Present

Analyzing Teaching for Student Results

Research for Better Teaching

Zero in on high-leverage teaching strategies that make a difference in student learning through a common language and concept system, the development of skills for classroom observation, and the capacity to  identify and provide results-oriented reports and feedback that are credible and convincing.