Entrepreneur and hydroponics industry leader Cammie McKenzie completed her studies in business while raising her daughter, working 34 hours per week, and competing in gymnastics. During her previous time in retail work, Cammie McKenzie sought to form a business that would solve many of her customers' frequent complaints and concerns with LED technology. In 2008, she founded Hydro Grow LED, a group which stands out as one of the most innovative in its industry. In her first year as President of Hydro Grow LED, McKenzie sought to resolve the issue of wasted and inefficient light from LED products. After completing extensive research on light intensity, photosynthesis, light/dark photo cycles, and disparate shades of light, she designed a product that would revolutionize the hydroponics industry. McKenzie eliminated orange light, which causes plant curling and stunting, and introduced far-red light, which serves as a catalyst for prolonged photosynthesis into the night cycle, higher levels of cell repair, and overall growth speed. Finally, she blueprinted a set of customized 60-degree lenses, which targeted plants more directly than the standard 120-degree lenses. Cammie McKenzie’s new products showed three times more growth when applied to lettuce and tomatoes, making Hydro Grow LED the favorite of many patrons seeking to grow a diverse garden at home. McKenzie continues to pursue research in the field, often using university studies to craft new blueprints. To learn more about the variety of Hydro Grow LED merchandise available, chat with a sales representative, or learn more about the company’s history, visit

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2008 - Present


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