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Work experience

Sep 2007Mar 2009

VP of Sales and Operations

Essex Mortgage
Created and developed the mortgage banking operations to elevate a mortgage brokerage into a national retail and wholesale lender. Originated 1st mortgage refinances, purchases and concurrent second mortgage purchases, to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA guidelines. • Sourced, negotiated all contract terms, and developed the relationships of the investor base and warehouse credit line facilities. • Led 5 direct reports and 75+ people in multiple departments consisting of Sales, Secondary Marketing, Underwriting, Processing, Funding, Shipping/Post Closing, Accounts Payable, and Quality Control. • Funded up to $15 million a month within first year of new FHA and Conforming mortgage loans. • Design and integrate the necessary operational, quality control, and internal audit platforms. • Oversaw all administrative and personnel functions for the departments. Implemented policy and procedure guidelines, as well as the training, coaching, and performance evaluation of all associates
Mar 1997Jun 2007

District Sales Manager


Managed all sales and business opportunities through all phases of the sales cycle and development functions including identification, qualification, proposal development, new product rollouts, key account management, customer relationship development, contract negotiations and collections. Hold P&L and budget responsibilities. • Increased regional sales from $100 million to over $500 million a month.• Consulted with over 150 retail and wholesale lending institutions in California, Oregon and Washington.• Received company’s Profitable Growth award 3 years in a row.• Hired, managed and trained sales team on process, guidelines, field visits and operating systems.

Nov 1995Feb 1997

Project Manager

HSBC / Household International

* Executed the research, development and implementation of HDS (Household Document Services).* Provided recommendations to management regarding resources (people, financials, tools, etc.) required to complete projects. * Executed the research, development and implementation of a new escrow system for HFC branches.

Aug 1994Oct 1995

Boarding and Funding Manager

Household International


Dual Degrees/BS Business Management and BS Business Administration

FHA Direct Endorsement Certified


Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint
Data Trac


Dynamic, entrepreneurial sales and operations management strategist with a 15+ year record of achievement and demonstrated success driving multimillion-dollar sales growth while providing award-winning sales record in highly competitive markets. Strong leader and team player: excellent motivational skills to build and sustain forward growth momentum while motivating peak individual performance from team members. Tenacious in building new business, securing customer loyalty, and forgoing strong relationships with external business partners.


Family, All Sports, Wine Tasting


“Cammi is a dedicated and hard working sales and sales management professional. She leads by example, setting high standards to follow. A consistant producer in sales with excellent customer relations/management skills. Cammi would be a great addition to any firm regardless of industry.” June 17, 2009

Derek Lewis , Sales Manager , HSBC managed Cammi at HSBC

“I had the pleasure of working with Cammi at HSBC. Cammi was the Regional Sales Manager for the Western Region, while I was the Underwriting Manager for the same region. We worked closely together to build a strong client relationship that allowed the West Region to grow exponentially during a short time period. It was Cammi's energy, focus, and enthusiasm, coupled with her ability work well as a team that created and allowed for the success we had. If given the opportunity in the future, I would not hesitate to join forces again with Cammi again, as I am confident the experience will be worth doing so.” June 9, 2009

Tony Newton , Underwriting Manager , HSBC worked directly with Cammi at HSBC

“I worked with Cammi at HSBC. Cammi was a District Sales Manager and I was the Director of Warehouse Lending. First off, Cammi is an excellent Sales Professional. Cammi's leadership and communication reaches across the organization balancing sales and operations. She earns the respect and builds close business relationships that reflects her hard work and integrity. Cammi is hardwired to produce and achieve results at the highest performance tier.” June 8, 2009

Jane Axton , Director of Warehouse Lending , Household International worked with Cammi at HSBC

“We were a vendor that provided services to a multitude of brokers/correspondents of HSBC and Cammi Vigil. Our inter-workings with Cammi and the brokers she respresented were very professional. I would highly recommend Cammi due her high level of integrity, her ability to interact with multiple parties to coordinate a successful resolution of an issue, and her positive attitude in resolving problems.” June 7, 2009

Rocky Donathan , President , PlatinumData Solutions was with another company when working with Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi was an exceptional representative for her company as an Account Executive. She went beyond her job duties to ensure her clients were treated in the best manner. She would be a great asset for any organization.” June 6, 2009

John Pham , VP Secondary Marketing , Secured Funding was with another company when working with Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi is one of the most professional and thorough Sales Managers I have had the pleasure to deal with. She makes sure she knows her product, including the credit aspect and she knows her companies processes. She gets deals done on time and manages expectations very well. I do not know of anyone in the business who can combine her level of detailed knowledge, the follow through to deliver what she promises and the high customer service level. I highly recomend her.” June 2, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity

Barney Guy hired Cammi as a Account manager-Portfolio Purchases in 2003 , and hired Cammi more than once

“I had the pleasure of working with Cammi for over 10 years at HSBC in a variety of roles. Cammi's greatest strength was her ability to balance the needs of the customer with the needs of the company to produce win/win results. Cammi's solid knowledge of both operations and sales enabled her to use her expertise to build solid relationships with her clients as well as her internal business partners. She always had a positive attitude and was at her best when the going got tough. Cammi would be an asset to any company and I highly recommend her without hesitation.” May 31, 2009

Paul Fronczak , Manager - Credit Policy and Risk Management , HSBC worked with Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi worked for me for many years at Household/HSBC. She help the company grow market share on the West Coast. Cammi is an extremely diligent sales person. Cammi is an excellent advocate for her clients, at the same time ensuring the company that she represents meets or exceeds revenue requirements. She is affable, intelligent and engaging. I would highly recommend Cammi in a business development role, she is an invaluable asset.” May 22, 2009

Rudy Orman , Vice President National Sales , HSBC / Household managed Cammi at HSBC

“It was my great fortune to meet and work with Cammi at HFC/HSBC. Although the bulks I traded with her were by no means the largest, Cammi always managed to give my company the same attention and support that she gave her largest accounts. Cammi was always available for questions no matter what day of the week it was. Her work ethic, professionalism and integrity are unparalleled. Cammi is a results oriented individual and would be an asset to any organization.” May 17, 2009

Irma De Santiago , Sr. Vice President, Secondary Marketing , Chapel Funding/db home lending was with another company when working with Cammi at HSBC

“I had the pleasure of working with Cammi when she was the District Sales Manager. Cammi is extremely dedicated and consistently went above and beyond for her clients. I am very impressed with her relationship management skills and work ethic. She would be an asset to any company as her dedication and loyalty is hard to find.” May 15, 2009

Suzanne Boswell , Bulk Purchase Funder , HSBC Mortgage Services worked with Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi was my manager at HSBC for 3 years. Cammi’s business knowledge and management skills enabled me to become a top sales representative for the company. Cammi is a great manager!” May 4, 2009

Kevin McCarthy , Client Sales Manager , HSBC reported to Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi is an extremely hard working, dedicated and loyal employee who would be an asset to any team. She demonstrated good leadership, initiative and creativity in jobs that were assigned to her and in acquiring new business and clients.” May 1, 2009

Ron Belcher , Regional Manager , HSBC Mortgage Services worked with Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi and I worked together for several years at Mortgage Services. She is a very hard working talented mortgage professional. I would strongly recommend Cammi in any number of roles.” April 30, 2009

Jim Mitchell , Regional Sales Manager , HSBC managed Cammi indirectly at HSBC

“Cammi was hardworking, focused and helped us produce record results. I cannot recommend her enough. Great person to have on your team.” March 12, 2009

Lorne Lahodny , Managing Partner , Associates Asset Management was with another company when working with Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi is the consummate professional. She has a great understanding of business and how it gets done. Cammi made me look good for five years. The best sales manager I have ever worked with.” March 5, 2009

Kelly Klein , Regional Sales Manager , HSBC Mortgage Services managed Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi is a top notch client representative who always put her clients' needs first. She is quick to embrace the company's strategic vision and plot out a course to execute with her clientele. I remember Cammi having a great attitude and always drawing the positive out of difficult situations. In an extremely dynamic and tough business environment, she was constantly trying to coach and lead her clients into more profitable and less risky areas. Any company would be fortunate to have a representative like Cammi on its team.” February 28, 2009

Mike Conley , National Pricing Manager , HSBC Mortgage Services worked with Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi was my direct supervision for three years at HSBC. Open lines of communication, inspiration, and self improvement are her strongest traits as a manager.” January 16, 2009

Lauren Rosenzweig , Senior Financial Analyst , HSBC reported to Cammi at HSBC

“As our account rep, Cammi managed to continually and creatively meet our needs as a client while helping her firm succeed. Her approach was to create win-win situations and she succeeded at doing so. She is honest and very professional. Cammi would be a valuable asset to any firm and I highly recommend her.” January 12, 2009

Ray Schalk , Capital Markets Analyst , Accredited Home Lenders was with another company when working with Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi, is an executive whose strengths are in generating results and managing relationships. She understands the challenges in generating results that exceed expectations, develops a strategy and manages the resources required to accomplish the challenge, while maintaing a cost benefit mentality. The relationships she develops and nurtures provide her peers, clients and herself an envirornment that fosters collaboration that results in all constituencies having input and achieving their desired outcomes.” January 12, 2009

David Fatina , Managing Director , HSBC managed Cammi indirectly at HSBC

“Cammi managed the trades and the due diligence on monthly transactions over many years. Her dedication to getting the job done right and to ensuring satisfaction were second to none. I can say, without hesitation, that she was the best account manager we worked with. She will be an asset wherever she lands.” January 9, 2009

Lars Nielsen , Capital Markets Manager , Accredited Home Lenders was with another company when working with Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi was our Representative with HSBC for many years and we were fortunate to have her. She balanced making you feel as though she was working on your behalf but still clearly loyal to her company. She was creative in coming up with better ways to work together and was always taking the initiative to get programs rolling in our favor. I would strongly recommend her work ethic and integrity. If I had a chance to work with Cammi again I would jump on it.” January 7, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Juanita Rosenfeld hired Cammi as a Acuisitions Rep in 2000 , and hired Cammi more than once

“Cammi is a customer oriented and results driven individual who uses her energy and enthusiasm to ensure the established goals are met or even exceeded. In her role at HSBC, she worked closely with Compliance to ensure she and her customers were aware of the required policies and procedures. She proactively dealt with issues and concerns while ensuring that proposed resolutions were appropriate for the situation. She is a true professional and has the highest integrity.It was always a positive experience interacting with Cammi.” January 7, 2009

Terri Cammarata , VP - Compliance Department Manager , HSBC worked with Cammi at HSBC

“I had the pleasure of working with Cammi over a period of about 18 months. She was consistently in the top tier of our sales production. One of the strongest assets Cammi consistently exhibited was her ability to listen to both the customer and the support arm of our company. Every successful salesperson has that "never quit" persistence, and Cammi is no exception to this rule. However, Cammi genuinely cares about ensuring her business was done ethically and with integrity. I would highly recommend Cammi for a senior level sales role.” January 6, 2009

Ron Esser , VP & Director - Secondary Marketing, Pricing & Product , HSBC Mortgage Services worked with Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi was the key person in our division during my time with Household. She was the person everyone came to with questions and decision making needs. She mastered her position and the positions of those around her and above her in the management chain. Customers universally respected her and saw her as the "go to" person with their issues. She worked long hours, traveled extensively, and actually performed a lot of the functions her supervisor should have handled. Cammi would be an asset to any organization in either a sales, sales management, or general management position. Feel free to contact me for a more detailed recommendation if needed.” January 6, 2009

Gil Parsley , Client Sales Manager , HSBC Mortgage Services worked directly with Cammi at Household International

“I worked with Cammi for several years while she was a Regional Sales Manager for the Western Region at HSBC. Cammie is a extremely dedicated and hard worker, she was a key component in helping build lasting relationships with clients throughout the Western region for HSBC. Through her hard work and dedication the Western region produced over 50% of the total volume for the Mortgage service division for HSBC. Cammi built a solid reputation with her honesty, integrity,and professional attitude. Being very efficient and detailed oriented are characteristics that come to mind when asked and having the ability to expand her role past the definition of a Sales Managers comes to mind when asked about Cammi. It was an extreme pleasure working Cammi and i strongly recommended her for any position, because she will make an excellence contribution.” January 6, 2009

Timothy Carwise , Underwriting/ Funding Manager , HSBC Mortgage Services worked directly with Cammi at HSBC

“Cammi does an outstanding job determining the needs of the client and thinking outside the box to achieve those needs. She one of the most professional and personable people I have ever met. The biggest professional compliment I can give a person is whether or not I would work for or hire an individual. For Cammi, the answer is yes to both questions.” January 6, 2009

Marcus Starnes , Regional Pricing Manager , HSBC worked directly with Cammi at HSBC

“I strongly recommend Cammi for a position in Sales, Marketing, & Relationship management. This opinion was formed over a three year plus period where Cammi was a leading performer in my business unit. Every year she exceeded the lofty sales & revenue numbers we assigned to her marketplace and in each of these years she won an award as the top performer in her Region and, in 2006, the top salesperson in the division. I'm confident that in any new position in the disciplines mentioned above that Cammi will study the product or service and will develop a strategy that will lead to top performance. I highly recommend Cammi for a position in Sales, Marketing, and Relationship Management, she will bring results to your organization.” January 5, 2009

Mike Brenning , SVP-National Sales & Marketing Director , HSBC managed Cammi indirectly at HSBC