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A skilled caregiver with 11 years of personal experience, Camille Superson possesses a wealth of knowledge about providing care for the elderly. Following a successful career as a Pharmacist and Doctor of Chiropractic, Superson took time off to care for her parents, who suffered from incapacitating illnesses. During this time, Camille Superson assumed responsibility for the total care of her parents, applying her medical knowledge around the clock and handling a full range of their needs.

When her parents underwent alterations in treatment plans that resulted in physical changes, Dr. Camille Superson assisted them in adjusting to their new situations by providing support, education, and therapy. She carefully monitored her parents’ conditions for irregularities and attended to their personal needs in a gentle and compassionate manner. In addition to administering the proper medications at regular intervals, Superson gathered relevant data regarding their health and interpreted it to help determine their course of care and treatment. Above all, Superson aided her parents to live the highest possible quality of life during their final years.

Along with her care-giving experiences, Dr. Camille Superson completed a number of extensive studies and participated in a number of lectures, programs, and seminars in such wide-ranging topics as the immune system, pharmaceutical products, nutrition and cardiovascular disease, nutritional pharmacology in health and sports performance, immune system disorders, endocrinology, and drug incompatibilities. Superson holds a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Michigan and a Doctor of Chiropractic from the National College of Chiropractic.

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Founder, Director, Chiropractic Physician

Health Concepts


Doctor of Chiropractic

National College of Chiropractic


University of Michigan