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Work Experience

jan 2017present

Activist for Syrian Refugees

Khora Community Center

I am currently working in Khora - an NGO that provides housing, food and education to refugees living in Athens. As the Computer Lab Manager, I organize and deliver the classes and services of the computer lab. I love working in this area because I help refugees of all ages that never used computers, teaching them the basics of software and even programming and web-development.

jan 2016jan 2017

Data Scientist

Government of Buenos Aires

Decision making in the gov substantially relies on information to design and implement its policies, it is of great interest to collect specific socio-economic and georeferenced data.  It is also important to assess the effects of the policies, in order to do so, I collect massive data from polls and social media to understand and summarize the opinion of the citizens of Buenos Aires. In this regard, I have specialized in non-quantitative and unstructured data, such as categorical information or even written text, incorporating most recently-introduced text mining techniques and machine learning models into my toolbox.

feb 2015jan 2016


Maestría de Salud Pública

Researcher in “Impacto de las estrategias de integración de la atención en el desempeño de las redes de servicios de salud en diferentes sistemas de salud de América Latina”, project led by the European Union aimed at improving the coordination and integration of public health care in Latin America.

nov 2013mar 2014


ANESIS Project

The ANESIS project conducted an audit of hospitals dependent of the Armed Forces of Argentina in which I was dedicated to the sampling design and analysis of the results.

nov 2010abr 2014

Administrative assistant

Fundación OSDE

Responsible for the art gallery Foundation OSDE and Administrative Cultural Assistant at OSDE, leading prepaid medical services company in Argentina. In relation to my studies in Fine Arts, I spent over three years to take guided tours in the gallery Imago Foundation, and later to the organization of events at the company.

Software skills

R, RShiny, QGis, SAS, Minitab
Mysql, Python, Tableau, HTML


  • Spanish (native)
  • English with FCE, CAE certifications
  • Italian, PLIDA B2 level certification



Bachelor in Statistics


Majored in Statistics, with highest GPA of the School.

sep 2016dec 2016

Marketing Analytics Program

San Andrés University

Aimed at professionals in the industry of marketing and e-commerce, this program focused on strategies to measure and analyze digital marketing metrics, identify KPIs and boost e-commerce using Google Analytics.


El Cato-FPP University

El Cato - Fundación Para el Progreso

Scholarship student in an international program aimed at studying the fundamentals of the Austrian School, the Chilean model of economic development and the principles of the School of Public Choice in Santa Cruz, Chile.


Institute for Leadership in the Americas

The Fund for American Studies

Scholarship student of the ILA, the international program for the study of economics, political theory and the foundations of governance, focusing on institutions in the United States and Latin America, at the University of the Andes, Chile.


Studied Fine Arts

Attended the Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNR career for two years, and study architecture for a year, at the same university.


I am enthusiastic about sharing values and knowledge, that is why I co-founded an NGO in 2011 in Rosario, dedicated to teaching children living in vulnerable areas. I am also involved with the Refugee Cause, working at an NGO in Athens providing education for the refugees. I have also assisted my professors in University helping the department of Design of Experiments and Probability Theory.