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As a data scientist, I provide statistical analysis to public institutions, companies and research projects in different areas, from health, public administration and football. I gained experience working in business, teaching and research. I like to face new and different problems, and work in multidisciplinary teams.

Work Experience

mar 2015presente

Junior researcher

Universidad Nacional de Rosario
Member of research project “Procesos de Enseñanza-Aprendizaje de la estadística en la Carrera de Medicina” at Medicine career of UNR, dedicated to provide insight of what is taught in medical careers of Argentina and attitude of students towards it.
feb 2015presente

Junior researcher

Maestría de Salud Pública

Researcher in “Impacto de las estrategias de integración de la atención en el desempeño de las redes de servicios de salud en diferentes sistemas de salud de América Latina”, project led by the European Union aimed at improving the coordination and integration of public health care in Latin America.

mar 2014nov 2014

Data analyst

Colegio de Médicos

The College of Physicians is responsible for coordinating the districts of the municipality to provide a driver's license, one of the tasks incumbent upon it is the monthly reporting of taxpayers who purchase the card and the overall system performance, task I spent in my post.

nov 2010abr 2014

Administrative assistant

Fundación OSDE

Responsible for the art gallery Foundation OSDE and Administrative Cultural Assistant at OSDE, leading prepaid medical services company in Argentina. In relation to my studies in Fine Arts, I spent over three years to take guided tours in the gallery Imago Foundation, and later to the organization of events at the company.

nov 2013mar 2014

Data analyst

The ANESIS project was done with in order to conduct an audit of hospitals dependent of the Armed Forces of Argentina. As part of the audit, my work consisted of mapping the state of the medical records of patients through sampling and subsequent analysis of the same.

Software skills

Gretl, SPSS, Excel
R, SAS, Minitab


  • Spanish (native)
  • English with FCE, CAE certifications
  • Italian, PLIDA B2 level certification
  • French (basic)



Degree in Statistics


Currently finishing my degree in statistics, with highest GPA of the School.

ago 2015

El Cato-FPP University

El Cato - Fundación Para el Progreso
Scholarship student in an international program aimed at studying the fundamentals of the Austrian School, the populist tradition in Latin America, the Chilean model of economic development and the principles of the School of Public Choice in Santa Cruz, Chile.
ene 2015

Institute for Leadership in the Americas

The Fund for American Studies
Scholarship student of the ILA, the international program for the study of economics, political theory and the foundations of governance, focusing on institutions in the United States and Latin America, at the University of the Andes, Chile.
mar 2010nov 2012

Degree in Fine Arts

Attended the Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNR career for two years, and study architecture for a year, at the same university.


I am anthusiastic about sharing experiences and knowledge, that is why I co-founded an NGO in 2011 performing social work in Rosario, dedicated to teaching children living in vulnerable areas of the city, through ways of learning beyond the traditional education system. I am also an assistant in the department of Design of Experiments for the Bachelor of Statistics UNR since July this year.

The broad applications of my training allowed me to interest and devote myself to different areas, working in publishing works on various topics such as the economy, health and football. For example, I participated in a study on the oral health of children in kindergartens in Rosario using nonparametric and logistic regression methods, I presented a study of the evolution of wages and inflation published by the Indec and collaborate on a website that disseminates information on results of football matches with analysis of conditional probabilities.