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Cameron Walton

Teacher (Mathematics) at Orewa College


  • Excellent communicator, very personable
  • Experience working in a diverse classroom setting
  • Strong and proven ability to engage students
  • Strong knowledge of subject matter with ability to relate to real life scenarios
  • Excellent ICT and technical skills
  • Ten years teaching experience (six in New Zealand, four in the USA)

Character References

Tony Zaloum

Teacher- Northcote College

[email protected]

I worked with Tony at Orewa College for 4 years.  As well as a senior physics specialist, he was a lead support member in the IT field at the school.  Upon moving to another school, he recommended that I replace him in that role.

Louis Heap

Associate Principal- Kohia Terrace School

[email protected]

I've known Louis for 7 years and we have spent many hours discussing the future of education.  We share a passion for teaching maths and how to best motivate our students to succeed in our classrooms.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy comes from an earnest love for the subject that I teach.  I have found that in a classroom setting,  the importance of sincere interest and excitement from the teacher is invaluable.  You have to sell what you know to them and the only way to do it is to provide them with a fun, safe, and interesting environment in which to learn.  I encourage students to "own" their educational journey as well as establish an amount of trust between teacher and student.  Students play a major role in my classroom as far as teaching is concerned.  As a mathematics teacher, I have learned to grasp any opportunity that arises in which a student can teach the lesson.  Blurring the boundary between teacher and student empowers the classroom to question, think, and evaluate.  It is also a great way to reach a certain number of kids who may listen to their peers more readily than their teachers!  Open, focused discussion is encouraged as it opens up the door for students to find meaning in what we are learning as well as more easily seek guidance from the teacher and their classmates. Supporting success is a practice that I think is pinnacle within a classroom.  I see mathematics as a large, continuous puzzle and no two students solve its portions at the same rate.  Therefore, by encouraging students to learn from mistakes (as well as pointing out my own along the way), I find that students are more willing to learn from trial and error rather than give up when they get confused.  The history of maths is riddled with major discoveries that were found through mistakes or by accident.  Illustrating this to a classroom helps to instill risk-taking and to build confidence. I also feel that having a presence within the school outside of the classroom is extremely helpful in connecting with students, colleagues, and administration.  Through coaching athletics and being involved in student organizations, you see a different side to your school that only helps to show your commitment to your profession and that you care more about your students than just the subject you may teach them. Last but not least, I think that technology is an integral part of 21st century education and that incorporating it into as many lessons as possible only serves to speak the language of the world that our students are growing up in.  The access to information that kids now have is unparalleled and if teachers are not willing to bring technology into their class, there will be an inherent disconnect.  

Work experience

Jan 2011Present

Mathematics Teacher/ICT Support 

Orewa College
  • Administrator for school's Google Apps for Education domain
  • TIC of Level 3 Statistics and Level 2 Mathematics
  • Helped pilot the e-MCAT exam in 2015
  • Duke of Edinburgh facilitator
  • Squash Manager
Jan 2010Dec 2010

Mathematics Teacher

Onehunga High School

Teaching Achievements

  • Teaching Year 9 (2 Extension sections), Level 1, Level 2 (Extension), and a Level 1 Practical Maths class
  • ICT Adviser for Mathematics Department

Extracurricular Activities

  • Senior Boys Soccer Coach
  • Robotics Team Adviser
Jan 1998May 2002

Assistant Animation Editor

Platinum Studios, LLC

Worked as an editor for a motion picture production company in their website development division. Worked extensively with Adobe software to create short animated web episodes intended for streaming.


May 2004May 2006

Secondary Teaching Certificate

Eastern Michigan University
  • NZQA Assessed as Graduate Diploma in Arts & Teaching (Secondary) at Level 7
  • Major in Mathematics (to Calculus 3 and Advanced Statistical Methods),
  • Minor in Communications & Theatre Arts
  • Excellent academic record (A- average)
  • Recognized for academic excellence by Eastern Michigan's Mathematics Department
Sep 1994Dec 1998

Bachelor of Arts

University of Michigan
  • NZQA Assessed as Bachelor of Arts degree at Level 7
  • Curriculum was a balanced mix of technical and creative subjects
  • Completed a wide range of maths and science courses
  • Final degree was in film and television production, including technical aspects