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To obtain an Operations Management position within a progressive environment that promotes growth and development while demanding continuous improvement. I seek to find a rewarding position in operations that will test and strengthen my skill set in various capacities across diverse venues. 


My name is Cameron Brady and I write this with the intention of presenting my qualifications for a position that will expand my expertise in facility and event operations management.

My diverse experience managing event operations, inventories and facilities for some of the largest sporting events in the world will enable me to be successful in any communication intensive position.

Although currently diversifying my skill-set as a 3PL Traffic Specialist for Logikor Group, I was most recently the Operations Manager for Great White North Dragon Boat, where I managed and oversaw all local and international events, as well as managed warehouse operations. As Venue Logistics Manager for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games, I oversaw all logistics operations for multiple venues within the Games footprint. During the preliminary planning phases leading up to the Games, I worked very closely with multiple functional areas, contractors and facilities owners. I was responsible for ensuring that the agendas, schedules and interests of each were aligned in an integrated venue timeline. My expertise in effectively managing complex event operation life-cycles has contributed to my success as an event operations professional in various capacities

Work History

June 2016Present

Traffic Specialist

Logikor Group
  • Responsible for managing supplier, carrier and customer relationships in an integrated supply chain for the Ministry of Defence and Toyota.
  • Create and monitor an extensive pool of routes, maximizing transport efficiencies within each.
  • Schedule and monitor LTL/FTL shipments, coordinating with suppliers, carriers, cross docks and customers to ensure a seamless supply chain.
  • Manage expedite requirements – securing carriers and monitoring the recovery and delivery process.
  • Maintain communication with customers and stakeholders to ensure production is not altered.
Nov 2015June 2016

Operations Manager

Great White North
  • Responsible for the on-time and effective delivery of client and MLDB Series event operations, this includes the effective execution, problem solving and management of stakeholder relationships.Manage all warehouse operations, including inventory control, storage and distribution.
  • Ensure the safety and guidance of all event personnel and volunteers.
  • Manage the execution of on-site event logistics for all national and international events.
Jun 2013Oct 2015

Venue Logistics Manager

Toronto 2015 Pan/Parapan Am Games Organizing Committee
  • Plan for, manage and oversee all logistics operations for a cluster of venues; including the development of efficient processes for the receipt, storage, distribution, ongoing supply and recovery of equipment.
  • Coordinate with facilities owners, material planners, and multiple functional areas to develop an integrated supply chain to ensure effective back of house operations.
  • Ensure venue use agreements, spaces and functionality of each facility aligns with event objectives.
  • Develop, schedule and coordinate 24/7 operations schedule. This included a 24/7 catering, cleaning and waste operation, as well as the ongoing transition of seven sports in one venue.
  • Oversaw the planning and implementation of venue set-up and tear-down. Scheduling and coordinating temporary builds, room set-up and layouts, technology and power requirements and front of house marketing and promotion activations.
  • Recruitment lead, coordinating individual work assignments, setting project goals, evaluating employee performance, and determining training requirements.
  • Schedule, motivate and lead all event personnel and volunteers, providing support to a number of functional areas in various capacities.
May 2012Sep 2012

Deputy Venue Logistics Manager

  • Responsible for the planning and management of Logistics operations across 6 training venues, including the implementation of venue specific operational plans and efficient processes for the receipt, storage, distribution, as well as ongoing supply and recovery of equipment at these venues.
  • Assist the Venue Logistics Manager to refine and improve the design of logistics compounds and venue storage facilities incorporating efficient material movement pathways into and within your respective venue.
  • Act as a Logistics representative to the Venue Planning Teams, ensuring smooth and seamless back-of-house operations at all venues.
  • Implement and adhere to venue specific logistics operating plans; incorporating and adhering to departmental policies and procedures.
  • Manage Logistics teams at each venue consisting of a combination of staff, volunteers and contractors.
  • Schedule, motivate and lead Logistics Venue Crew.
  • Coordinated with suppliers, Material Planning, Logistics Operations and other LOCOG Functions to develop an integrated supply chain to ensure effective back of house operations within all assigned venues.
  • Monitor and coordinate the allocation of Logistics resources (e.g. FF&E, MHE, labor, utility vehicles) at venues to ensure a high level of service delivery to other venue Functional Areas.
  • Assist in the transition from Olympic to Paralympic Games.
  • Incorporate workplace safety protocols into your standard venue logistics operations, including training and ongoing monitoring to ensure best practice standards
Oct 2011Apr 2012

Director of Social Programming

Niagara College Canada - Student Administrative Council
  • Duties include the design, development, marketing and implementation of various student engaging events.
  • Prepare and submit event and entertainment requests to Logistics Manager for availability and costs
  • Provide direction for the logistical implementation of these events to the Logistics Manager through mandatory weekly/monthly executive board meetings
    • Attend all events to ensure activities, prizing and entertainment is carried out as intended – intervening and problem solving when necessary
  • Direct, delegate, motivate and coach Student Administrative Council team and volunteers with the promotion, preparation and tear down of all events
  • Coordinate and work with the President, Vice President, Programmers and Directors in the administration of student body inquiries, concerns and overall engagement
  • Attend student engagement and programming conferences, reporting and presenting back to colleagues, managers and Board of Governors
    • Extensive networking with agents and talent representatives
  • Monitor position budgets and allocate funds accordingly
  • Work closely with Niagara College staff members in the integration of scholastics and social events, fairs, seminars andinfo-sessions 
May 2011Oct 2011

Market Researcher

Niagara College Canada - Department of Research and Innovation

Duties include the market research and analysis of a local industry partner of Niagara College Canada – Wine Country Tours

  • Work and coordinate with founders and owners of Wine Country Tours, a social and corporate event planning/consultant company of the Niagara region
  • In-charge of designing new and modernized marketing strategy. Redeveloping current marketing process and deliverance, restructuring current website advertising strategy.
  • This includes extensive research and analysis of social media mechanisms, search engine optimization, local competitors, as well as website content and functionality development.

Work and coordinate with founders and owners of Water Superstore, a local specialized water store of the Niagara region

  • In-charge of designing a business and marketing plan. Each to be used in the implementation of a new “Water Bar” business venture (local, region, international implementation).
May 2010Jun 2010

Accreditation Officer

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
  • Duties included the accreditation of all media, suppliers and delegations requiring accreditation to the G20 Summit in Toronto, Ontario & the G8 Summit in Huntsville, Ontario
  • Responsible for the accreditation of 23 different airlines, suppliers, and service providers of the Toronto International Airport
  • Presented progress reports to my team in weekly meetings
  • Designed Emergency Evacuation Escape Route for the Accreditation Centre’s Relocation Response Plan
  • Coordinated closely with RCMP Officers and Excellium management/employees throughout accreditation process
  • Planned, set-up, coordinated and operated two remote photo-shoots for all Pearson Airport employees (23 different companies – over 2000 employees)
  • Helped coordinate and manage the screening, loading and transportation of delegation luggage to their respective hotels
  • Acting liaison officer on closing day (last minute request) informing and directing each country’s delegation tour-buses to their respective planes for departure


Sep 2008Apr 2012

BA International Commerce and Global Development

Niagara College Canada


  • Attained GPA of 80 percent
  • Course load included: International Finance, Managerial Accounting, Global Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Legal Issues in International Trade, Project Management, Global/Regional Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, Market Entry/Distribution, Analysis/Reporting, International Macro & Micro Economics, Statistics, Spanish IV, E-Commerce Applications, Arbitration and Negotiation, Global Strategic Management, Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management
  • Annual Queen Elizabeth “Aiming for the Top” Scholarship recipient
  • WorkSmart Certification (Mandatory Career Planning Training – 83% grade)
  • Niagara College Communication Department ‘graduate success story’
  • Annual Global Forum Leader and Presenter

      Certificates & Achievments

      DFAIT Employer Evaluation


      Available Upon Request

      References vary with opportunities.

      Graduate Success Story - Niagara

      Program Recruitment - Niagara College

      Extracurricular Involvement

      • 2011/2012 Investment Club Vice President
      • Member of Forum for International Trade Training
      • Victorian Order of Nurses – general volunteer work
      • Active involvement in competitive soccer and rugby (team captain)
      • Assisted in coaching junior boys & girls rugby teams
      • Peer tutor and international student mentor

      Highlights of Qualifications

      • Ability to accomplish tasks under pressure and tight time constraints
      • Excellent workload management in professional development
      • Excellent communication, organizational and analytical skills
      • Event management and logistics/supply chain specialist
      • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
      • Diverse work experience in various industries
      • Ability to manage and motivate teams
      • Excellent GPA 

      Education Details

      Course List and Program Overviews